It’s Simple


March 29 2014 009

A simple mind

Refuses to hate

When all around

Is in chaos.

A simple mind

Rises above

The malice

And indecision.

A simple mind

Isn’t afraid

To be the first

To say no.

A simple mind

Often stands alone

While others wallow

In self doubt.

A simple mind

Knows the difference

That doesn’t exist

Between us all.

A simple mind

Accepts the truth

It really is

That simple.

Does Age Matter?

Q and A - babiea

Well it depends doesn’t? I was in a shoe store a while back and this very lovely lady was behind the counter on the phone. I held back waiting for her to notice me, not wanting to interrupt the conversation. She turned and our eyes met. As she was smacking her lips chewing gum she twittered into the phone about some boy and turned her back on me. Seriously, I’m a customer!

She looked 12 and appeared to have the same set of manners. I left. A few weeks ago I went to a movie theater with a friend and didn’t realize how difficult it was to buy tickets nowadays. I thought you just handed over some money and you got a ticket. But this 12-year-old behind the cash register wanted to use my phone. What the? We eventually figured it out but every person at that theater that I interacted with appeared to be 12. Have I gone senile?

First of all, in this country I think it’s illegal for 12-year-olds to be working. I’m sure they do some jobs but I’m pretty sure they don’t have papers to work. So it stands to reason that the individuals I have been running into are not 12. Then why do they act like they are?

When I was a child, and a youth, there were rules. You know: you said “please” and “thank you” and you showed respect to everyone. If you didn’t you were disciplined at home. That wasn’t so much fun but it was a great incentive to behave. Now parents are afraid to discipline and kids run right over good manners. For the record not all kids are a problem! But there seems to be a whole lot of them and they all seemed to be 12 years old!

I was introduced to a nurse recently who blew my mind. He didn’t speak much but I wasn’t comfortable having a male nurse in my home especially one who looked to be 12 years old. Some the best nurses I have ever encountered have been male but in a hospital setting. There’s a difference. I want my nurses to be female and look like they have some experience. Perhaps that makes me stingy but I’ve done enough training in my day and I’m tired of it.

The one thing I will say for these people who look to be 12 is that as they age they will retain their youthful looks and that is commendable. I’m just not sure I’d like to see a pilot or a police officer who looks to be 12. On the other hand neither would I like to see a pilot who looks to be 92. Call me an ageist if you wish. Appearances matter.