Walk With Me


Would you like to walk with me

The journey maybe long

Side-by-side together

Nothing can go wrong


Put your hand in mine

As we journey on our way

Never fear and don’t forget

The things we see each day


Sometimes on a journey

It causes us to part

Perhaps it’s not an ending

But just another start


And then there’s things that happen

To make us change our tune

But with the bad there’s always good

Let’s hope the best is soon


The journey only lasts so long

One day it all will end

Between that time and what’s to come

Best wishes I will send


Perhaps in time we’ll meet again

A friendship never dies

Until that time I’ll keep you close

A smile will be my guise

On a Tangent

People who know me, know that I love words. I love to write them. I love to speak them. And to a lesser degree, I love to hear them. I have also been known to spend my days waffling through tangents galore. But I digress.

I was recently commenting on a blog using the words “whale piss”. Yes, it was a humorous reaction to a comment on his blog that was hilarious. The entire exchange can be found at: http://www.thewhelkwordpress.com.

It actually made me start to wonder about how aquatic animals urinate. With the billions of creatures in the oceans and the fact that much of it is connected, leaves an odd feeling in my stomach. I have swum in the ocean. And I have tasted it’s salty water. Oh my god it’s a urinal! It is! It is! They poop there too! How can they ever get clean?

When birds poop it usually lands on the ground. Occasionally it ends up on someone’s head. Animals in the forest poop on the leaves. And fish in the streams . . . Well you get the drift. Humans aren’t much better. We are civilized though and we use containers to hold our excrement.  And then we flush it away . . . to our lakes and oceans. Doesn’t it make you want to rethink the whole idea of taking a swim!

Now you might also want to rethink the food you’re putting in your mouth. Do you know what the best fertilizer is? Okay I don’t know if it’s the best but there are so many uses for it in the real world that it is mind-boggling. Poop. Dried elephant poop makes a great fire starter. Bat guano (poop)  is highly prized in some parts of the world. It gives a whole new understanding to the phrase “shooting the shit”.

When you take your oh so sanctimonious walk in the park think very carefully about what is landing on you. There are trillions upon trillions of teeny, tiny terminators that reside in the bodies of bugs. If it goes in, it has to come out. Their teeny tiny dung is in the air my friends. We are breathing it in!

The next time you hear someone talking about how our world is a cesspool you can agree. Problem is they’re speaking metaphorically and you’re thinking literally. From lowly shit a mighty world did grow.

Mar 12 2014 014

The Humble Coffee Bean




From a plant in demand

Lives a bean in a bunch

It warms up your morning

And lifts up your lunch


Relax of an evening

To the end of the night

This humble wee bean

Is really just right


It perks up your spirit

All through the day

And brings people together

In every which way


Partake of a cuppa

Is really not me

Unless it is truly

A leaf kinda tea!