I have found a cure for sadness, it is laughter.   I have found a cure for hunger, it is food.   I have found a cure for fatigue, it is rest.  I have not found a cure for multiple sclerosis, but I’m looking.


The Participant

I have never skied down Mount Everest. Or given birth to twelve children at the same time or even invented a cure for selective hearing in men.  I am, in simplest terms, just myself.  But what, you ask in horror, does that mean?  Why would anyone want to know what I think about anything?  Well, the truth is, I am just like you.  I have had some fun times, some sad times, and even some incredible times.  And that makes me a pretty incredible person.  Even if I am the only one that thinks so.  So read on, you never know, you might learn something interesting.


My journey began many years ago.  I had a wonderful childhood. I know that is not particularly popular to write about but it is the truth.  I have a wonderful family.  They care about me and about each other.  Anytime I have called them for help, they have come.  I have friends, true friends, who like me for me, not for what I can do for them.  This sounds a little too perfect, too easy.  Well life is not easy.  We all have hurdles we have to overcome.  Mine is multiple sclerosis.


The Disease

Multiple sclerosis is an incurable disease of the central nervous system.  It can manifest itself in so many ways.  Some people lose their sight, are in pain, have spasms, lose the ability to walk, control their bodily functions, and on, and on, and on.  In many ways I am lucky because I don’t have any pain.  I have my sight and most of my bodily functions are under control, mostly.  I cannot walk.  I have some spasms. I no longer go to work every day, I’m on long-term disability.  However that doesn’t stop me from being busy.  I started this blog because I wanted other people to know that having a disability does not define who you are it is merely part of the definition.  Maybe what I went through will help someone else get through the rough times.  You are not alone, none of us are.


My future is filled with tomorrow after tomorrow after tomorrow.  I will live in the today but I will strive for tomorrow one step at a time.  Remember it was the tortoise that won that race, not the hare.  He won by plodding on and never looking back to ‘what if’s and ‘might have been’s.  We can learn a lot from that tortoise.  We have to have a strong shell to ward off the na-sayers and the pessimists.  We have to continue to plod on and never, ever, look back.  We CAN win this race. With a little patience, a little courage, and a little luck we will prevail.  I will prevail.


There is a saying ‘what does not kill you makes you strong’.  It’s true.  I have multiple sclerosis and I am a better person because of it. I would however not recommend it as a means of self-improvement.  Mind you, I do get better parking.


Life is a journey, hopefully one full of joy and accomplishment.  One of my favourite sayings is “we are here for a good time, not a long time”.  Of course we can always hope it is a ‘good, long time’!


Please join me on my journey through this world of bogging.  It will be glorious!

6 thoughts on “I HAVE FOUND A CURE.

  1. InfiniteZip

    My stepfather has MS, I always pray for cures for all of the worlds ills…..still waiting but there is always hope:) and friends, and writing:) to,speak to the world and share:)


    1. quiall Post author

      Each day is a new day. Prayer will often bring miracles and we could all use a little of that. I hope your stepfather has more good days than bad and that he enjoys every moment. If there is anything I can do . . .



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