The Passage of Time

We may not be able to control it but how we deal with it affects our character.  When we were children it was immaterial.  As youths it was something that would never end.  As adults we never seem to find enough of it.  As seniors, it is moving far too quickly.  We used to look back on it in terms of seconds or minutes.  Then it became days, weeks or even years.  Now it is decades in the multiples.  Where has it gone?

Time passes, time flies, time waits for no man, a stitch in time…..lots of sayings, no control.  And I think if there’s one thing that we really do want to control, it is time.

Maybe, just maybe we can control it, or rather the perception of it.  We need to learn how to relish what time we have.  When we were children we wanted to stay up just a little bit later.  We wanted to stay outside just a little bit longer.  We hungered for the day when we were old enough to do things on our own.  We couldn’t wait for time to pass!  As adolescents we couldn’t wait until we were old enough to go out and have a drink, legally.  We wanted to drive a car and have a boyfriend but we weren’t old enough.  We wanted time to pass in a hurry.  As adults we wish we could make time stand still.  I need just little more time to finish that article.  Another five minutes before I have to get out of bed.  And before you know it we reach senior status and time once again stands still and at the same time it races to the finish line.  I have seen seniors sitting with nothing to do.  Their days seem to go on endlessly as they wait.  Then there are the seniors that don’t spend their time waiting, they use their time!  There are bus trips to take, paintings to paint, parties to attend!  They wring every last second out of the time they have to get the most enjoyment possible!  A lesson everyone could benefit from.

Life is a journey, hopefully one full of joy and accomplishment.  One of my favourite sayings is “we are here for a good time, not a long time”.  Of course we can always hope it is a ‘good, long time’!

Time changes us.  Sometimes the change is positive, sometimes it is not.  I am not the same person I was 10 years ago.  I believe I’m a better person, that I have grown positively.  And I believe that in another 10 years I will be an even better person.  But there have been changes that were not always positive.  My hair is more blonde than red.  My clothes fit a little differently than when I was 16.  It’s a trade-off.  I still have my winning smile and my wicked sense of humour!   So while I am a different person than I was at 25, I am still me.  Today I would not want to be the person I was at 15.  In the world of magic I would like to be the person I am today with the body I had at 19, hair colour I had at nine and the health I had at 16.  Life was good.  Life is good.  Life will be good.

me as a baby   me e  me 2013

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