The future is ours to build.


 Are you someone who speaks before they think or are you someone who thinks before they speak.  It can make a big difference to how others see you and to how they treat you.  Think about it.

 Someone once said that the future will take care of itself.  Perhaps.  But we need to lay the foundation that the future can grow from.  Just because in a hundred years no one may care about the issues of today, does not mean that they won’t and that we shouldn’t.  We should.  We need to correct the problems of today so that tomorrow won’t have to.  The problems of today are, in part, because no one came forward yesterday to deal with it.  “Do not put off until tomorrow what should be done today”.

 Are you afraid of what the future holds?  Do you fear that you will never marry because you have a disability?  Or that you will be unable to work or attend school.  You may never marry.  You may have to quit work or school.  Is that the end of your life? You decide. We are put on this earth for many, many reasons, none of which I know.  What I do know is that I am the architect of my own future and I will not throw in the towel. Life is precious yes, but being alive is easy – inhale, exhale.  What is difficult and a lot more valuable is living. Each and every day brings us wonders and beauty.   We may have to look for them but they are there.  We will also encounter heartache and disappointment. You must try to find the good in every situation and the more you try, the easier it will become.  That is the way to live: work at it, every day.

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