Today is WORLD MS DAY.

WMSD29May2013_english-e1362406476687       MS is a disease of a thousand faces.  It is a disease of change. It changes with each individual.  It is a disease of tomorrows.  We deal with our difficulties today hoping that our tomorrows will be positive.  I will live in the today but I will strive for tomorrow one step at a time. We are not that different from you.  Please do not dismiss us!  And do not see only the disease.  We live, we love, we feel pain and disappointment.  Accept us for who we are and love us for what we could be.  As we do you.

People are capable of adapting to almost any situation, but it takes time. It also takes effort, a lot of thought and perhaps a change of attitude. MS is not a death sentence, it is a life sentence.  Our lives can be full and valuable not just to us but to others as well.  Individually we are ambassadors.  Together we will cure this disease.

I find joy in my life almost every day. It is the journey that I am taking that is important not the destination. This disease is a part of my life, but it is not my life. And I am not alone. Collectively we are responsible to the world at large to try and live an accountable life but more important is what we contribute to that world.  Today is a good day. If we are optimistic the possibilities are endless and hope is eternal.


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