There are goblins and dragons

 and werewolves galore

they are walking the streets

 and nearing my door

the witches are pounding

 they want to get in

the dragons are puffing

 and huffing to win

the sound is a terror

the zombies are moaning

so scary to see

the Devils are groaning

there’s evil afoot

every year it’s the same

the crazies come out

for one night of fame

I huddle and cower

my heart in my mouth

they’ll bite me I fear

unless I go south

Perhaps there’s a way

to get what I want

I’ll scare them myself

I’ll do the haunt

So scary I’ll be

just watch me evoke

I’ll teach them a lesson

the bitch, don’t provoke

Happy Halloween


6 thoughts on “Trick-or-treat?

  1. colleensprose

    I do like your poetry, Pamela, and that’s saying a lot because I’ve never been a huge poetry fan! I also wanted to stop by to thank you for following my new/second blog. You’ll notice that I have a separate identities with them, so you’ll never know who may pop in!


  2. Jill Dunbar

    Love this, Pam —– Interesting words, the which I need to think on —– I have NEVER been a lover of Halloween, but certainly of All Hallows Eve and All Saints and All Souls Days are my sort of days…..when I recall my Dad who died in the second world war. God Bless him and ALL the others like him who gave their lives for us. I Would love to be able to say that it was successful, but ………………..

    Sorry, I guess I got off topic….. forgive me, but your Halloween words are super— and I hope not to see the dragons puffing and huffing—- would scare the —- out of me!! )J: XO Jill



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