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What do you believe in?  Do you believe in a supreme being that has mapped out each individual path?  In which case there is no personal choice, our lives are fated and we cannot change the course it must take.

Or do you believe that our lives are self-directed?  This would mean that each path we cross will have an impact on the choices we make. Or perhaps it is a combination of both.  Is there a Supreme Being who offers us choices and we must choose the path to follow? I must tell you, from my perspective, that Supreme Being has one hell of a lot to answer for! Not that I am in a hurry to shake his or her hand, but come on.  You give me an incurable disease, make me pay a fortune for the ‘stuff’ to function in today’s society and then have the audacity to make it rain!!!  If life is mapped out by you Big Guy/Gal then I do not want to play anymore.  I am going to pick up my toys and go home.  Your sense of humour is a little too twisted . . . Think God is scared yet?  It must be tough being omnipotent.  Nothing surprises you ‘cause you caused it all.  Boring!

I do not belief that what happens to us is merely at the whim of a Supreme Being anymore than I think we have full control over our lives.  We are born naked and innocent.  From that moment we are constantly bombarded with information.  Our parents, our siblings, doctors, bus drivers, everyone we come into contact with throughout our lives has an influence on who we become.  How we deal with adversity is a result of that lifelong input.  We cannot control the world around us, just how we react to it. Our belief structure is based on the need for acceptance.  It also helps to have someone else to blame.  “The devil made me do it.”

How we deal with disease or any perceived imperfection is directly related to our beliefs, be they spiritual or secular.  No one is perfect.  No one is without any redeeming qualities.  And as hard as it may be, your belief in others and in yourself will get you through anything. You are worth it.

In many ways you and I are lucky. Yes, I said lucky. Think about it, how many people get a wake-up call? Having a nasty disease has awoken me to the world around me. It has forced me to see what is important in life, in my life.  Had it not been for the MS I would probably be out in the world amassing ‘things’ and ‘stuff’ to make my life better.  I may have missed the beauty of a solid friendship and the wonders of a kitten’s purr.  I now look at flowers given to me by a friend and I see much more than the simple flower.  I see the love of a friend and I see myself reflected in the gesture.  If I were a schmuck, I would never have received the flowers or had people care and demonstrate that concern in a simple gesture.

12 thoughts on “Believe?

  1. scottishmomus

    I like to think of a creator who chose to give us a share in creation. Like parents, having children, nurturing them but ultimately allowing them to make their own choices and mistakes as individuals. Of course, environment and religious beliefs colour how we perceive our world. Initial input helps form who we are but there is still the essence of us each as individuals. No other like you. No other like me. Our journey here to fulfil a purpose that only we can fulfil. Sometimes seemingly insignificant. But the ripple effect is something I marvel at.
    I think we get to make incredibly stupid choices along with all our marvellous ones. In a historical perspective, that is also true. So when we look at the history of humankind it looks like the hand of god has meddled and muddled and caused all sorts of problems. When, in fact, we’re perfectly capable of doing that ourselves. Everyone before us and everyone after.
    I wonder sometimes where we would be just now if better choices had been made all along the way. Would we have progressed sufficiently to have cures for more illnesses? What if more time and money and choices reflected a bigger, higher purpose? Where would we be in our evolution?
    All the great empires and cultures that fell may have had the potential but they chose different aims. We’re sort of stuck in the same place. Everybody running hither and thither and accruing what they can. Yet if we were without choice we would just be like the chess pieces on a board.

    Sorry, I’ve went on too much. You got me thinking. Dangerous pursuit when I’ve got time on my hands and a keyboard at my fingertips. ;)x

    On a side note. I reblogged a video of something that relates to this. It’s nearly an hour long. But the guy talks so much sense and it’s a physics/cosmology/reflective piece that challenges a few things. Well worth a listen.

    Apologies again for being such a blether. ;)x


    1. quiall Post author

      ‘Blether’ is good! I appreciate a good discourse and this is the topic for it. I enjoyed your response very much and I agree! Thanks for speaking out.


  2. colleensprose

    Well, good morning!
    I believe there is something “out there”, I call it God because that’s from my upbringing, something greater than us mere humans based on the simple fact that there is so much that cannot be explained (yet). I don’t know how to explain that on my Mother’s death bed, she opened her eyes, looked at me, and said that I was going to have a beautiful baby girl. I did not know it at that time, but I was pregnant, and nine months later I had a beautiful baby girl.
    Was that God? Energy? Sixth sense? Her dream and a lucky guess? I don’t know.
    I also believe EVERYTHING happens for a reason – not that it is necessarily destined, but for us to learn (or not) from. That’s were choices come in to play.
    I am in total agreement with you on your outlook about your MS. It has taken me a LONG while, but I now view it as a gift. Not that I’m in love with it! But, I’m swimming with its waves instead of against them.
    Great topic – my juices are going – I’ve got to finish a post!


    1. quiall Post author

      oooh I love your comment! We ask more questions than we have answers for and that is a good thing. Life without challenges is not a life worth living. Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Jill Dunbar

    Good morning, my friend………..

    You have given me so many emotions in your few lines that I hardly know what to say. At first I felt shock at what you said and I thought to myself, “I don’t believe she means that” BUT….. she has every right to feel that way. I have so many thoughts running through my head and I don’t have time to relay them as I am off to church (after I shower and dress J)

    I think you know me well enough to have an idea of what I am feeling/thinking. One of the very important things is— You are SO loved and have the most beautiful spirit and smile (from the inside) than any other person I have known or met.

    Shower is calling – hope to see you on Wednesday. Remember I am always (nearly) by the phone and if you feel like talking, I am here alot.

    Much peace and love to you, Pam.



  4. fairydisenchantment

    You are the queen of the utterly dead-on post!

    I’m reminded of a man I used to work with, a grad student who was brilliant but also devastatingly handsome. I had occasion to ask this person, who always met dysfunction and frustration with a smile, and who was a kind of serene beacon in my chaotic work environment, how he came to be so kind and calm all the time. He didn’t go into specifics but it seemed that some unnamed event, a death, a disease, had made him aware that he had not been a nice person in his life. I got the sense that he’d traded a lot on his looks, his ability to bullshit people. But this mysterious something made him suddenly decide “that there is one thing I need to do with my life: to be a good person.” This phrase comes back to me time after time when I lose patience with people, and myself. It has nothing to do with any externally-enforced moral code, and yet, it’s a sort of faith.

    This disease has sharpened my mind, my insight, my understanding of everything going on around me and inside me — but most of all my appreciation of all the people that in big ways and small help me keep moving. And this absolutely includes my fellow fearless bloggers… *raises glass* Here’s to you!


  5. Shards Of DuBois

    Hey their lady, I just had to chime in on this one… 🙂 I’m sure you know by now from my blog how I feel about God, but I also believe we are given choices to, that their is no such thing as fate. He gave us the good and the bad, or we wouldn’t be able to make the choice for good. I don’t think He gave you a disease, I honestly think all the gmo foods we’ve been eating for years are the real reason, like how bleached sugar destroys our pancreas over time and leads to diabetes, or how gmo wheat is now being linked to cancers throughout our bodies. You didn’t make the choice and neither did God, but some greedy corporate head did, when he decided he wanted to be rich and didn’t care how many people he made sick by altering the food. But at the same time, I believe every single bad thing that happens in our life, is a blessing in disguise, and God may allow it to happen because it is a great teaching tool. You have learned what’s important in life, and may never have if you hadn’t had the disease. Just like I had to learn how to be humble, after watching my friend die, and realizing the one time I needed to pray to God, I didn’t. It was the hardest lesson I’ve had to learn, but after I failed miserably, and went through months of guilt, I finally figured out what was wrong with me. It was a bad situation, one I wasn’t prepared for, and had no clue about what was going on with my friend, but the one time I was placed with her, the only person with her, and instead of praying for God to help, I totally forgot. And now she’s gone. I will never know if my praying would have made a difference, but me, who was so proud to spout off about my love and trust in God, blew it!!
    So yes, I see blessings now in every bad situation, sit and think about it and try to figure out what I’m supposed to learn from it, and try like hell to do the right thing from that moment on….I think the only reason we are here is to learn…as a stepping stool on our way to heaven…or hell, depending on which choice is made. God Bless you sweety, and I truly hope your happiness and contentment far outway your disability. 🙂


    1. quiall Post author

      My disability is quite simply a part of who I am. It does not define me. All the many bits make me whole and God is a part of my equation. Great comment! Thanks for stopping by.



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