Purple Shoes

Nov 19 2013 008

I’ve loved the life I’ve lived

and I hope I’ve lived it well

I hope I’m going to heaven

and not to live in hell

I think that I’ve lived fully

my memories are strong

the fun I’ve had, the laughter

I’m sure it wasn’t wrong

They say I’m getting older

my red hair’s going blonde

I do not wish to say goodbye

to the people I’ve grown fond

One day the thing will happen

that starts me on my way

I’ll go the way directed

If I really cannot stay

But in the time that’s left to me

I wish to do so much

I’ll go, I’ll see, I’ll experience

with just a silly touch

The person that I am right now

the wicked grin I choose

will show to you the truly me

as I wear my purple shoes

 Nov 19 2013 009

10 thoughts on “Purple Shoes

      1. quiall Post author

        God may be a genderless entity. We are bound by the constraints of the laws of pronouns! Will we ever evolve? I’m glad you enjoyed it.


      2. Howisbradley

        A good friend of mine is a minister. One day one of the congregants was arguing about whether God was male and female. Let me say that the argument was one sided – my friend just smiled the entire time. When she was able to get a word in she calmly said “I don’t foresee God having genitalia.”. The woman was shocked and flustered. She turned beet red and stormed away. Wear those purple shoes proudly!


  1. Jill Dunbar

    Another great one, Pam —- you with the “wicked grin”…………indeed it is J

    Sorry not to see you to-day, but have a very full day ending up with a date with my son, David, as we go to St. Catharine’s to see/hear The Celtic Tenors.

    Can’t wait – talk to you through the week.

    Take care – Much peace and love,




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