Ah, memories . . .



Here is another story from my past. I hope you enjoy it.

My mother didn’t swear.  She was the epitome of a lady.  But there was one time she let go with all she had.  She and my father had just purchased the most adorable puppy. Samantha was her name.  She was a boxer with a brindle colored coat and a black face, and the most exquisite eyes.  She was beautiful.  She was also very small. Being a puppy there is always the danger of accidents. She was very young.  So my mom left her in the kitchen when she went out for a few minutes.  Now the kitchen didn’t have a door on it, just a doorway so my enterprising mother put a board across the opening. Samantha had a bed, water, food, toys, and besides, the board was bigger than she was.  Samantha could not get out.  Wrong.  My parents had just bought their house the previous year.  It had beautiful grey carpets throughout.  I was at my office working diligently when I received a somewhat disturbing call from my mother. Her words were “that damn dog shit all over my house!!” now you can imagine my horror at hearing that particular word uttered by my mother.  This is a lady that wouldn’t use that word if she were covered in it.  And she said it again!  When I stopped laughing (hysterically?). I inquired about the circumstances.  Inquiring minds want to know.    It seems that Samantha, now being a member of the family, felt it was important that she live up to the standards set by the other women around her.  She would be independent, form her own opinions and as for enjoying life, she felt she had to explore to find that life to enjoy.  Alone in the kitchen was just not enough.  So being an enterprising young female.  She did what any self respecting woman would do.  She changed her circumstances.  Samantha climbed the board and went exploring in my parents very beautiful home. Chuckle, chuckle.  Do you know what happens to very small children when they get lost or frightened? That is why then invented diapers.  Well the same thing happens to small dogs that get lost in very beautiful homes.  Oops.  My mother came home to find little puppy poops deposited throughout the main floor, but no puppy.  Eventually the wayward miscreant was discovered at the top of the stairs, very frightened.  She had managed to climb up but the thought of climbing down was just too intimidating.  Poor little thing. Mom scooped up, cleaned up, put up, washed up, and carried down. Of course it is probably very difficult to look stern and menacing when you are trying to discipline a very small, big brown eyed, soft tongue kissing puppy.  But it is a mom thing.


4 thoughts on “Ah, memories . . .

  1. Jill Dunbar

    Oh, my friend, you have it *right on* —Being a Mum of an “adorable puppy” – I understand …

    Hope all is well with you – gotta fly and get ready for Church.

    See you on Wednesday, I hope.

    Peace and love,



  2. Howisbradley

    My mom was somewhat prudish as well. I can’t remember a time that she ever uttered a profane word, but I’m she must have at one time or another. After all, she had seven kids.



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