The sun, the moon and the stars.     


Are you the sort of person that likes to get up early in the morning, have a cup of tea and watch the sun rise?  Or perhaps the kind that likes to bray at the moon in the wee hours of the night.  Do you like to enjoy the quiet time at dusk and watch the sun set.  Either way we are often touched by the sun the moon and the stars in ways that are inexplicable. I find I need the quiet times, the times when I don’t have to talk or listen, I can just be.  Perhaps it is the need to recharge or be introspective.   I don’t know.  What I do know is that the time I spend in quiet reflection is when I recharge myself.  I am not talking about my physical energy; I am talking about my spiritual self.  I can ‘talk’ to my inner self without being perceived as ‘odd’ when I am alone.


I think we all need time for quiet reflection.  When you are dealing with something that is so much bigger than yourself it can be intimidating, even overwhelming.  It is often necessary to pull back and regroup.  If the situation is getting out of hand, stop.  Just stop.   Sometimes we need to figure out how to deal with a new situation and it may take some time.  When you have a disease like multiple sclerosis you will find that change is inevitable.  You may not walk as well today as you did yesterday or your arms may not function the same as they did last week.  You MUST roll with the punches.  If you need a cane today, use a cane today.  Deal with tomorrow, tomorrow.  Focus on today.  I used to type at work.  Today my right hand is curled and I am unable to use my fingers properly.  So I type differently.  I use my left hand fully and the middle finger and index finger of my right hand.  It is not as efficient as it was but it means I can still type.  I am right handed so writing with a pen is even more of a problem. Some days I use a computer program that types as I speak.  Very cool!


Able bodied as well as those with a disability need to overcome the hurdles we all face each day. This is something we all need to learn to do.   There is always a solution to your problem, it may just require some searching and it is usually not what you expected.  In the long run, I would rather overcome than give in.




12 thoughts on “The sun, the moon and the stars.     

  1. Jill Dunbar

    Thanks, Pam….A very Happy and healthy Easter Day to you.

    I do love the stars and moon …. and I know there is one particular star that is my Terry and I speak to him on a regular basis.

    See you soon, I hope.

    Peace and love,

    Jill xo


  2. mishunderstood

    Absolute night owl here…I love my time with the stars and the moon. This was a wonderful post. You are an inspiration to others who still struggle with acceptance and living in the moment. (((hugs))) 🙂



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