Memories are lost

March 29 2014 007

Over the distance of time

events are forgotten

that shaped a life.

History is written

of the famously known

but the achievements

the wonders

of the ordinary one

slowly succumbs

to the mists of time.

A child of five

wins awards at school

accolades at 15

remembered for a time

but slowly it happens

memory fades

decades meander

as time follows time.

10 thoughts on “Memories are lost

  1. Sheryl

    The poem is lovely. One of the things I really enjoy about family history is trying to reconstruct the memories of people and events who have almost been forgotten over time.


  2. MikeW

    Those memories, such as how your father’s arms felt way back when, I believe will be replaced by reality, as when his arms hold you again. Spiritual bodies? Why not? Why would that be any less miraculous than how our bodies are designed and hold together, or the universe and its ever-expanding scope?


      1. MikeW

        The way the world works, and doesn’t work, it is without question fallen, and yet that seems to be going somewhere…everything’s moving, and feels like it is accelerating; literally, the galaxies are indeed expanding and accelerating outward…there’s movement toward some destiny in all these plans, and somehow the very small, like each life of ours, like each quark and smaller, seems no less grand and cosmically important than any other element in the grandeur…I marvel and I wonder, and I don’t even know a fraction of what I marvel and wonder at…


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