A Stylish New You

woman hat

A beautiful lady

                                                             from across the pond                                                            

a magician she is

                                                             but not with a wand                                                         


Her magical skills

with a snip and a brush

organically guided

her hand will not rush


She will colour your locks

with a beautiful hue

or perhaps for a party

an uplifted do


First a wash and a cut

then a stylish fresh look

for a wondrous new you

is all that it took


The person within

is now on your face

your hair frames your beauty

and shows off your grace


Her hands they are gifted

and magically so

she brings out your splendour

and allows it to grow


Thank you my friend

for the effect you impart

an inch off the top

I think for a start

This was written for a friend who taught me that I can be beautiful outside as well as inside.

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