The Broken Anchor

The Broken Anchor is a fictional pub.   The original owner of the bar was a man named Cecil. The story was that he was a captain of a fishing boat whose anchor broke during a storm and caused the death of four shipmates. He took what insurance money there was and opened a bar. He never spoke about that night and he always poured four shots of rum and left them at the end of the bar. When he died it was in his will that the new owners of the bar not change the name and always leave five shots of rum at the end of the bar. Some say they have seen Cecil peering in the front window when there is a bad storm brewing.

anchor 2

Five shots of rum

at the end of the bar

four for the men

whose deaths left a scar

a face in the window

forlorn with despair

the dead on his hands

his gaze now beware

A storm drives the rain

the fog cloaks his sin

that night in the past

him of reeking of gin

the anchor they trusted

so safe in a bay

with Cecil on watch

with the fog and the spray

But a man who is drunk

May soon fall asleep

the waves of the storm

overboard they did sweep

So Cecil survived

to remember that night

the bodies ne’er found

the sea holds them tight

In memory of the lost

each night in a shot

are measures of rum

the ghosts drink them naught

a fifth spirit walks

the wind and the rain

look carefully in the dark

you may see his pain

he peers in the window

through the dark and the mist

longing for his shipmates

from that long-ago tryst

 lighthouse stormy

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