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Daily Quip

This moment in time will never, ever, come again.  Make the most of it!

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The fog


Jan 30 2014 005


Like a velvet glove

Soothing the harshness,

A soft and gentle touch

Silently rolling forward.

It touches nothing

But caresses everything,

A life of its own

A duty to perform.

Like a fervent admirer

It covers its lover,

Pressing home the advantage

Nothing is forgotten.

To some it signifies evil

To others anonymity,

People tend to whisper its name

And watch it inherit the world.

Sailors fear it passing by

Lovers salute its silence,

The wonder of the city

The passage of the fog.

It just happened!

I was working on my computer when a message popped up from my server.  I had been spammed and I had a virus.  Because I was considered a danger to others I was shut down.  WHAT???!!!  I called immediately and was told that the virus had come through my e-mail.

If I have, inadvertently, passed this on to anyone I whole heartedly apologize!

I may be tardy in responding to your post and I will refrain from responding for awhile.  I am in the process of cleaning up the mess right now. Why do people do this?

Best wishes to all.

Untapped Power?


When I was a child I was curious about everything.  When I was in probably grade 8 it was too far to go home for lunch so I stayed in the school cafeteria.  Children at that age get bored easily, at least I did.  And I wasn’t alone.  Somebody came up with the idea of investigating the notion of levitation.  I don’t know who came up with the experiment but there were probably five or six of us were involved.  We would go into a darkened classroom.  One person would lie on the floor and the others would gather around and put two fingers underneath the body of the first person.  We would then try and lift them.  Not easy to do.  However, we would then concentrate.  We all thought about how light the person was we were about to lift.  And the person being lifted would concentrate on being as light as a feather.  At that point we tried to lift them again and would usually get several inches off the ground.  And of course we had to switch people so everyone got a chance to be the body on the floor.  It was very cool!

I don’t know if any of the group went on to study this phenomenon further.  I didn’t.  It was just a really cool thing we did when we were kids.  But I have to wonder about the power of our minds even at that tender age.  Did we convince ourselves that we were stronger and the one person lighter?  Or did we convince ourselves that we couldn’t lift the person the first time around?  It does make one wonder.

Jump ahead 40+ years and I am faced with another dilemma.  I have multiple sclerosis.  I am in a wheelchair.  I cannot walk or even stand.  Is it possible, simply through using the power of my mind, for me to change my circumstances?  My first reaction is: no.  We cannot wish our ills away.  But my second reaction is: yes.  How you deal with your situation comes directly from your attitude, your mind.

Will I perhaps tomorrow stand up and walk?  Probably not.  Will I continue to lead a productive and fulfilling life?  Absolutely!  I believe there is great power in each and every individual.  We have to tap into that power, harness it, control it, in order to benefit from it.  If you believe that you are ugly and stupid then your mind will find a way to make sure you are ugly and stupid.  If you truly believe in who you are, you will become the best version of yourself possible.  The power of your mind will see to it.