Several days ago I was out for a stroll.  As I walked down this beautiful well treed street I became aware of a rather discordant noise.  Somebody was screaming at somebody.  As I got underneath this particularly verdant tree I discovered party one.  Now I don’t know who or what had annoyed this individual but he or she was thoroughly pissed off!

I should probably point out that the individual in question was a chipmunk.  He was literally screeching!  For sake of brevity I’m going use a male pronoun because I hate flipping back and forth.  Now this individual had one look at me and stopped.  So we had a little eye contact and a few seconds of “who the hell are you?”.  And then he started screaming at me.  But it was different.  It wasn’t as loud and it was of shorter duration.  It was still incredibly high-pitched.  So I asked him what he was bitching about and he responded with a screech and then he stopped and looked at me.  I asked him another question and I kid you not he responded and then he stopped and looked at me.  It was almost as if we were having a conversation.

Yes I understand we are different species.  We don’t speak the same language.  But don’t you sometimes feel that you communicate with the animals around you?  For the most part I am referring to the animals that share our immediate world.  We have companions with our dogs, our cats and other animals.  Over the years I’ve had a great many animals share my life.  I have lived with fish, birds, cats and dogs.  And a few human males that fall in that category but I digress.  Especially with dogs and in some cases cats we develop a language that we both understand simply by virtue of the fact we spend so much time together.  What about the wild animals that we share this big world with.  There is no danger from a chipmunk, for the most part.  And we do share a world with a great many of them.  It stands to reason that they have come to understand us while we are for the most part ignorant about them.

I felt that I had gained something from that pseudo-conversation under the big tree.  Each time I’ve gone past that spot I stop and look to see if that chipmunk is back.  While I might want a relationship I’m pretty sure he only saw me as an annoyance.  Whether he likes it or not we share this world and I’m not leaving anytime soon.



image courtesy of photographylife.com

16 thoughts on “HEY!  I’M TALK’N HERE!

  1. quiall Post author

    When I was out this morning I had another pseudo- conversation with a chipmunk. In my heart I want it to be the same one as before! thanks for stopping by.


  2. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    hearing the moment in another language? what a great story to start of my wanderings in cyberspace of WP….
    I think if he was annoyed with you he would have been using lots of hand language 🙂
    sometimes I think they just want to be heard, seen, like humans do….but then I talk with my neighbor? all the time, Bucky my deer that I have had since his mom died, was talking to me this morning as he followed me around to feed the zoo…its a strange sound coming out in hoarse whispers, when he’s around the others seem to talk more too…
    the squirrel that comes to visit is very vocal on some days,
    I rescued him from Birdie (one of my wandering rescue cats of the wild 🙂 ) he came to the window after a few minutes of making sure all was clear, and put his little hand on it, I smiled as it a mutual like-ship ….

    yes, I enjoy your posts Quiall, they make me smile, laugh, picture in my mind the painting of your moments and I always seem to pause and just be grateful for life in general…
    Thank you for another pause moment and the smile…
    You have a wonderful Sunday….
    Take Care….You Matter…


  3. Sunshine Jansen

    This is so great — I’m glad I’m not the only one with this experience with chipmunks; I get the feeling they’re holding me individually accountable for everything my species does collectively to piss off their species. Mainly it seems to be about letting my cat out. Speaking of which, I can’t count the number of times I hear my husband talking in another room and when I ask “What?” he says “Oh nothing; I was talking to the cat.” I will probably never know what those two are discussing behind my back…



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