Is it or isn’t it?  


Several days ago I went down to the lake near my home.  My trusty camera and I were looking for some nature shots.  It was a beautiful day and nature did not disappoint.  However, I made a rather startling discovery.  I am not an idiot.

Now I realize most of you out there don’t know me terribly well.  Most of you out there don’t know me at all.  I could be a complete and utter idiot.  I assure you I am not.  I have had my moments but then most of us have.  While I was down at the lake, blissfully unaware of what would transpire in the next few moments, I was at peace.  I enjoy taking photographs, especially of animals.  The rabbits were not about but there were squirrels and chipmunks, geese, ducks, other water fowl and of course the ubiquitous seagull.

I was becoming rather tired so I thought I would close up my camera and head in for the day when I thought I saw the most bizarre creature it has ever been my privilege to see.  Now I knew that what I had just seen was impossible.  Okay maybe not impossible but highly improbable.  For such a creature to make it to adulthood without being discovered, captured, probed and dissected was highly unlikely.  But there it was.  I took the picture and hurried home.  When I took the picture I was at some distance from this marvelous creature so I had to be sure that what I had just seen was indeed what I had seen.  I have a pretty good zoom lens so I was anxious to see what it actually was.

Now we all go through this.  You think you’ve seen something, you’re convinced it’s true, only to discover that it is a trick of the eye.  Well that is what I saw: a trick of the eye.

The wondrous creature I had seen was a two headed bird.  I was sure I had to be wrong but there was a small part of me that believes in whimsy and is excited about the unknown.  Ah well, for a few minutes there I seen the impossible and it was exciting.  The two headed bird was of course two birds.  But oh for just a few moments……


10 thoughts on “Is it or isn’t it?  

  1. scifihammy

    haha Nice one 🙂 Of course you realise that the amazing creature you really wanted to photograph waited until you left before venturing out from the trees – the Unicorn 🙂
    Well, if you can have two-headed birds, why not? 🙂


      1. scifihammy

        Well, apparently the unicorn probably came about from people seeing antelope with long horns, from a distance. But, I like to believe there might be a real unicorn out there – somewhere 🙂


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