Rocking Horse Worries


     horse sketch


Tonight I lay my head to rest

Troubles heavy on my chest

Headaches from a furrowed brow

Escape I would if I knew how.


Into my life a change does come

A wondrous beast who loves to run

He chases troubles without a care

And rends the worries I would not dare.


Who is this golden beast of powers

Whose strength of life above us towers

To me he gives the gift of peace

And on life another lease.


This is my wooden rocking horse

A magical beast he is of course

He cares for me while I do rest

And in the morning all is best.


His fiery mane does whip and fly

His legs strike out and troubles die

A back so wide and strong has he

I’ll never worry again, not me.

4 thoughts on “Rocking Horse Worries

  1. Jill Dunbar

    Takes me back about ?? years when my next door neighbours had a great big rocking horse…he was leather and had a wonderful mane. Enjoy your ride my good friend. xo



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