Horace Has A Luncheon


Horace liked his routine. It has been mentioned previously.  As a matter of fact he liked his routine so much that when it was disrupted he was quite upset.  Horace would wake up in the morning, he would shake his big head and stamp his big feet and give a great big yawn.  Then he would check his dinner bowl from the previous night, just in case any little tidbits had miraculously appeared.    The next item on Horace’s list was a quick jaunt to survey his domain.  Being a very polite hippopotamus Horace was always sure to say hello to Ally the cat.  Since the hu-man was usually still asleep Horace had free rein.

So you can imagine how upsetting it was to find the hu-man wide awake and making a great deal of noise.  The more he thought about it the more Horace was convinced that the hu-man had actually awoken him.

Now Horace was not the kind of hippo to complain for no reason. Rather he was the kind of hippo who went looking for explanations.  And that is just what he did.  One of the first things he noticed was a tantalizing smell or rather, several tantalizing smells.  The second thing Horace noticed was that Ally was nowhere to be found.  The third thing that Horace noticed was that he was hungry.  All the things that Horace had noticed were important but the most important one was the grumbling that was coming from his tummy.  So Horace decided to investigate.  Like all great detectives he followed his nose.  And his nose led him to a most interesting sight.

One of the biggest differences between miniature hippopotamuses and the full grown ones is the ability to climb.  Mini hippos have developed a technique that allows them to climb up onto furniture.  Because there has been so little study on the abilities of these wondrous creatures there is no reasonable explanation for this talent.  It is simply a fact. But it does explain how Horace was able to climb to the top of the dining room table.


What he found there was indeed tantalizing.  There were small sandwiches that were a perfect size for a hungry hippo.  There were wonderful small tomatoes that while tasty, were also very messy.  There were cookies and there were cakes. All in all Horace had a feast.  He had so much to eat that he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to climb down.  So he just laid down where he was, right in the middle of the cookie crumbs, the half eaten sandwiches and the leftover cake.  Another habit that Horace had was falling asleep after a big meal and snoring.

For the second time that day Horace was rudely awakened.  This time it was by a screaming hu-woman.  The poor hu-man’s company had arrived and no one had actually invited Horace to the luncheon.   Now he understood why Ally was nowhere to be found.  She was probably hiding somewhere close by and watching the spectacle.  And Horace need not have worried about getting off the table, the hu-man saw to that.

Well one good thing about all of this was that Horace wasn’t hungry anymore.

After this adventure Horace needs a bath!

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