Itchy: a young triceratops



I would like to introduce you to Itchy.  Itchy is a young triceratops. Once again the laws of physics do not apply.  The young triceratops does exist and is the exact replica, albeit a much smaller one, of the fossils that have been found throughout the world.  Like her ancestors this young creature is a plant eater or herbivore.

Itchy likes to have a quiet, dark place to build a nest.  She can quite often be found investigating her surroundings as she is a curious creature.  Itchy was given the name she now has because of her penchant for scratching her body up against doorposts and furniture legs.  It is almost as if she has an itch.

Because she is such a curious creature Itchy will engage in gentle play.  She seems to enjoy playing with a small ball.  It has been noted that she may simply be repeating what is believed to have been the activities of her much larger relatives.  When a triceratops was threatened by a larger enemy it would protect itself by running head first at the other beast and using its three bony horns to ram it.  While this playful creature can be wondrous to watch, it is also important to note that the three protuberances can also connect with a handy ankle.  It will hurt.  But Itchy is a gentle creature, she would never intentionally do harm.

This young dinosaur was found in a restaurant.  It was actually discovered at the bottom of a large salad bowl that an elderly patron was in the process of eating.  You can imagine the surprise on everyone’s face when 3 teeny tiny horns appeared underneath a leaf of lettuce and a plaintiff sound came out of this incredibly wondrous creature.  Once the furor had died down, Miniature Animal Control (MAC) was called.  This is not the first teeny tiny creature that they had encountered but it was perhaps the most affectionate.  It is however difficult to become too cuddly with a dinosaur that has three hard horns, and a plate behind its head.  The decision was made to find a permanent home for this wondrous creature from the past.  Hopefully that home is with you.

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