Weapons of Mass Introduction


Each year a great many people make New Year’s resolutions to make changes in their lives, hopefully for the better. Some resolutions are successful. Others are not and life remains the same. But this is a new year, a time of renewal, a time of beginnings. There are things in our lives that we cannot control. There are actions that will happen to us over the next 12 months that all we can do is to react to them. But how we react to what may be the inevitable will be under our control.

We can make a conscious decision to approach the world with our minds open and our hearts free of conflict. When you’re hurrying through your busy day stop and acknowledge a stranger as you pass by. Smile and say “good day”.  Something miraculous may just happen. They may smile back! Your simple smile may connect with another in such a way as to lift their spirits, to make their day better. And isn’t that a wonderful power for every one of us to have.

They say that with great power comes great responsibility.  And that is quite true.  Each individual has the capacity for great good and great evil.  That is where the choice comes in.  You choose.  You can choose to acknowledge a stranger and be kind.  Or you can choose to ignore people who are not in your tiny circle of friends and with that you have lost a unique opportunity.  When we connect with each other as strangers or as friends we grow, we evolve.  We become part of the world.  Our actions have the potential to lift the spirit of another or to dash them into apathy.

This new year is still young.  It is young enough that we still look forward with hope and with anticipation.  How this year unfolds will be in direct relationship to the wishes of the people.  The problem is not everybody is thinking positively.  But you can and I can.  At least that is a start.  Now try to pass on that positivity to another.

Superpowers don’t just belong to the crime fighters in tights or to the politicians sitting on the bomb. You have within your grasp the power to change the life of another. Intoxicating isn’t it!

So put on your weapon of mass introduction and smile. If we would all just grin at each other we might stop shooting.

This is a new year with a new chance to make changes in the world. Go forth and make a difference!

10 thoughts on “Weapons of Mass Introduction

  1. emilievardaman

    I live in a small town where it is common to speak to almost anyone you happen to make eye contact with. Just moving through the grocery store can take a little time due to good mornings and brief conversation.
    So, when I head to the city, I tend to do the same thing. I have ended up in a few conversations and my day (and hopefully others’ days) have been considerably brightened.
    Good morning, readers!


  2. mishunderstood

    Good day! I am always amazed when you write from your heart like this, because it feels like something I would say, IF I could express it as eloquently as you! I think the whole world could change if we all just stopped what we’re doing and thinking and just smiled at each other. A smile opens up your heart. I live in a fairly small city but I’m originally from a smaller one. There is definitely a difference when it come to interaction and inclusion. I try to be part of those who “go forth and make a difference”….minus the tights.


  3. Jill Dunbar

    Right you are – hear, hear. My resolution will definitely be to keep smiling (at least when I am out and around other people). …. I tend to be one who smiles at strangers and it always makes me feel good when they smile back. J

    Peace and Love to you, my friend. xo


  4. Jack Flacco

    What a wonderfully positive message! Especially after finding out a few days ago the long hand has moved one minute closer to midnight. You’ll know what I mean if you look up what I mean.


    1. quiall Post author

      I did look it up! I had forgotten about the Doomsday Clock. It does make you wonder! I can only control what’s around me but I hope to make a difference throughout this journey that is life.

      Liked by 1 person


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