Faces That Pass By



Faces that pass by

Unknown behind the glass

Steel husks surround them

Anonymous to all.

Who are these faces

What do they feel and see

A different world than mine

A different set of rules.

What dreams and hopes and loves

These faces that I see

I know they feel the pain

The joys and passions too.

Friends and strangers alike

People in the mist

They are part of this my world

For a fraction of a moment.

And so the cars pass by

Precious cargo held

The lives within the shells

Their worlds continue on.

6 thoughts on “   Faces That Pass By

  1. emilievardaman

    I live in a small town, so I know most of the faces that pass by. However, I don’t know their secret thoughts, their pains. I know some of their joys, because in a small town it is hard not to know that!
    I pay no attention to the rumors.



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