The Cabal



The dishwasher whispered

To the toaster one day

There’s crumbs in my workings

In an irritating way

The toaster responded

With a mouth full of bread

The faults not my own

It’s the humans I said

The kettle then screamed

My ass it’s a glow!

Stop bickering this minute

My lid’s gonna blow!

The oven just smiled

A long gentle burn

He knew what was coming

He’d just wait his turn

Then a cold laden breeze

Filled the room with despair

With the fridge door ajar

They knew who was there

“Breakfast is ready”

Came the bone chilling call

And the hoards then descended

On the appliances’ cabal

26 thoughts on “The Cabal

  1. Jill Dunbar

    Another great one, Pam……your head must be so full of all these incredible words and lines, etc. Thanks for sharing, my friend! XO


  2. Sunshine Jansen

    This just set me in the right mood for the day! Though now I’m feeling the meagerness of my Cheerios, and hankering for some bacon…



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