Fifty, Fat and Fabulous!



First of all I would like to apologize to the people I am about to offend.  You brought this on yourself.  There has been a great deal of uproar recently about a funny little symbol that was supposed to say:  “I’m fat”.  When I saw it I thought it was adorable.  I certainly wasn’t offended.  But then I’m not an idiot.  There is a great deal of talk about how the word fat is used negatively.  Why?  It’s just a word.  Fat.  Fat fat fat fat fat.  See, just a word.

The only reason it has any negative connotation is because of the do-gooders that have made it so.  To all the absurdly skinny women out there who have a problem with my being different than you…  Get over yourself.  I’m not ugly, I am beautiful!  There may be more to my girth than there is to yours but that does not make me any less valuable than you are.  Stop guilting our children into starving themselves!  We all come in different shapes and sizes.  No one is more valuable than the other.  If you are too heavy for your frame take that up with your doctor.  Don’t let some glossy magazine with airbrushed models and unrealistic body shapes influence you.  You are better than that.  I am better than that.

Marilyn Monroe is considered an icon of beauty and yet she was never a size zero.  There is some controversy about how big she really was but they figure at least a size 12.  So these scrawny waifs out there that are saying you shouldn’t be fat are the ones with the problem.  If your size is related to a health issue then by all means take the steps necessary to alleviate the health problem.  But just because your hips are a little thicker than some airbrushed celebrity, don’t worry.  You are far more beautiful than some plasticine model.

Children today should be worrying about whether Johnny likes me or do I want to have long hair or short hair.  Don’t worry about things that are so inconsequential that they are not worth your time or energy to think about.  If you’re fat and healthy that’s better than being skinny and miserable.  Tall, short, fat, thin just be yourself.  Be proud of who you are.  I am.

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27 thoughts on “Fifty, Fat and Fabulous!

  1. scifihammy

    Well said Quiall! It is much better to be a healthy weight for yourself than skinny and sick and setting yourself up for all sorts of future problems. My Dad was very happy when he read an article that said it is more important to be healthy than skinny!
    As to the media, even some of the stars themselves are complaining about the over-use of airbrushing! It is unrealistic to think a normal person looks like that!
    Your title says it all really! 🙂


  2. Tracesofthesoul

    Love this,Pam!!! You are beautiful!! When I started gaining at 52 I rather enjoyed seeing curves. Just like movie days “real women haveCurves. It is unfortunate the word fat has such a negative connotation. I hear the youths who strive for skinniness use fat as motivator to starve themselves. We have to take that word out of web Counselling because it is a triggering word for some readers. When I saw a photo with my grandson eight years ago snuggling close to me leaning comfy on my fat tummy I stopped feeling self conscious. I’m more huggable now 🙂 and when I fall I have a nice cushion protecting my bones.


      1. Jill V. Dunbar

        Right you are and I also worry about the children who must be skinny to be attractive (NOPE) Gorgeous picture of you – I am going to try and copy it…Love, love it!! XO
        Btw – I have had two falls in the past month and apart from some bruises, my cushion(s) kept me from a broken hip, hospital – pneumonia and death – I am still here – thanks be to God.
        Take care, my friend and hope to see you soon again. XO


  3. mishunderstood

    I think we need to teach our children good eating habits for the sake of their health, rather than pressure them to it into some unrealistic image.
    Lately I have felt fat, fat, fat, fat…..yep, there I said it…fat, fat, fat. I used to be skinny and eat anything I wanted. That has definitely changed. But I know I am still beautiful because I can feel it in my heart. I am not vain…just confident that it is the heart that matters.
    Great post. 🙂


  4. emilievardaman

    I am not at all “fat” but I am not comfortable with my weight. I know I feel better when I weigh about fifteen pounds less than I do now. So, a dieting I will go, and not happily. But when I shed some of my non fatness, I know I will have more energy and feel a lot better. To me, that is what is is about.
    Bonus – my blood sugar will come down some, too!


  5. Sunshine Jansen

    Women of Shape unite! What bothers me more than anything about negative body consciousness is that it’s so often due to *women* shaming other women. I realize cattiness is somehow hard-wired into us; even when we’re not actively competing for the same mate, we feel it necessary to snipe (“isn’t she a little too fat for that dress?”) But like lots of primordial habits that have no modern function, I’ve learned to fight them and all women need to.

    Your mention of Marilyn Monroe was so apt. I fell in love with her when she wore that sparkly clingy dress in “Some Like it Hot” that made the realness of her body so very apparent, in all its soft and round and paunchy glory. Women back then probably sniped at her just like they do today, but I say self-confidence is sooo sexy!



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