A Versatile Word

man on edge 2

A cockamamie tale

I wish to impart

No cock-ups I thank you

Some humour to start

The cock’s in the hen house

That cock crow I hear

And a cockeyed young spaniel

A dog yes I fear

Instead let’s do cocktails

With a cocky young man

And check out his cockpit

If you think that you can

I feel that I’m cocksure

In a confident way

I had fun with this word

In this silly old play

So many words

So what time

Cockaded and cockle

The words they must rhyme

Cockle shell and cock boat

There’s more yes I swear

Cock a leaky and cocker

The rest I won’t dare

It’s been fun this wee jaunt

with  a versatile cock

never be afraid

when opportunity does knock

This poem was inspired by a fellow blogger’s reluctance to

write a post about this most versatile word.  I hope

no one is offended by my little foray.


10 thoughts on “A Versatile Word

  1. Jill Dunbar

    Terribly offended….. I can’t believe you would post something like this —- Something so funny JJ

    Hope all is well with you, Pam….Hope we can chat person to person soon. Lots of Love and Peace….


  2. scottishmomus

    Cock-eyed reading and wondering where this might have gone! 😉
    It’s not a word that gives offence, it’s how it’s used, I always think. And fascinating how many different uses and meanings a word may have.



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