Writer’s Block



Words that will not come to me

My breath is short with fear

Is this perhaps denied to me

The words no longer here.


Why I wonder is it so

I have so much to say

The paper just stares back at me

To words I cannot stray.


Closed is my mind to hand this day

And everything’s amiss

But soon I hope this fog with lift

And give me back the words I miss.


Perhaps a spark will soon appear

And burst upon this page

If not I guess my time is done

The end of such an age.


And so goodbye I say to you

Tis said with heavy heart

But never fear I will return

I will not just depart.

8 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. Jill Dunbar

    You are not allowed to depart, my friend……I look forward to your daily words. Your spark will soon return – probably already has J XO



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