It’s in you to give . . .

Do you ever wonder about the life you lead? Do you ever wonder what would have happened if you had taken a different path? What would your life be like now? So many things affect the decisions we make. The people we interact with, actions throughout the world, the weather. So many things have had a hand in the decision process. Should I turn left? Should I accept this offer? Should I say yes or no? Every minute, every action has led you to this very moment.

I wonder what would have happened if women had accepted their lot in life and never gone after the vote. What if slaves had not broken their chains? What if we had never discovered the rich diversity of all peoples? Life would be very different than it is today and much poorer. We need the differences in people to stimulate each other intellectually, spiritually even physically.

There have been more advances made in the last half-century than in the previous 1000 years. Why? Perhaps because we have finally recognized how valuable each and everyone of us can be. Of course not all advancements are for the betterment of mankind. We have the depletion of the ozone layer, more aggressive viruses, Social unrest, Civil disobedience, Terrorism, War, Etc., Etc., Etc..

I am aware of the problems in our big beautiful world but I prefer to concentrate on those things I can change and on the positive events around me. One day a police officer stopped traffic and guided a goose and her five goslings across a busy street. Not one driver honked a horn. Walking down the street a complete stranger smiles and wishes me a great day. A young college student comes across a burning building and risks his life to save an elderly woman.

That is what I concentrate on: the inherent goodness that is in each and every one of us. It may get skewed overtime but I think we all have a smile or two in us to give.



11 thoughts on “It’s in you to give . . .

  1. emilievardaman

    I, too, try to generally concentrate on the positive. Sometimes, like now, it’s difficult.
    I am with family right now. My sister’s son died suddenly. Might he not have died if he’d done something differently? The friend who was with him blame himself, thinking he should have done something differently – or at least more of what he tried to do.
    When this heavy layer of sadness-induced fog begins to lift, I may again find some joy. Right now it is so very hard to see it.


    1. quiall Post author

      I am so very sorry for you and others touched by this. Words can never convey the comfort you so desperately need. Know there are those who care. May he live forever in your heart and in your memories.


  2. Harv

    This is really uplifting. I often think about how even the tiniest decisions we make can have the most profound effect on our lives. Enjoyed reading your poetry too. Thanks for sharing!



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