My Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day I will be missing an important woman in my life. To honour her I am sharing a few stories from a short book that I wrote for her 75th birthday. I hope you enjoy.


Sage advice

Any advice that a mother gives her daughter should be considered wise. After all it does come from a woman who has suffered through the agony of birth, the misery of teething, wet diapers, colic, and childhood temper tantrums. (And she does have two children with red hair!) If anyone can come through that and still be able to smile, one should at least listen to the advice she has to give. You owe her that! So what tidbits of maternal wisdom has my Mother imparted to me? Well, always wear clean underwear, but that is a standard. She also said to watch how much salt you use in your diet. I once lived for salt. Drive carefully, say please and thank you. All of the usual I guess. But my Mother did give me one tidbit of information that shocked me silly. She said “a woman must be good in two rooms in the house. And one of them is the kitchen.” Of course she may have been referring to the living room and trying to impart the necessity of cleaning skills. But I think not. This lady may have been born in the twenties but she is definitely a woman of the nineties. My Mom!

The boyfriends

Not my Mother’s, mine. My parents have always liked to inspect my boyfriends, and often Mom was bowled over by them. It didn’t hurt that they went out of their way to win her over. It was a problem when my Mother got a dozen roses from one of my boyfriends before I did! Then on Mother’s Day he got up early and went to a fishing pond and caught a couple of trout for her. Talk about impressive. He made me catch my own.

Uuuummmm good

When I finally left home, my Mother was concerned that I would starve to death. You see I never cooked. Why on earth would I when my Mother was so wonderful in the kitchen? One room. I am sure there was some trepidation when I first asked my parents over for dinner. They came because they are my parents and they love me. They came back because they realized I could cook. I am a very good cook. Which does not surprise me at all, as everyone in my family is a good cook. My brother is incredible at Thai food and my sister can cook anything that is not moving and probably some that are. (I don’t like to ask too many questions!) Even my Father does a really mean barbecue and his beans are the best. So it should have been no surprise to anyone that I could cook. It is just that I never felt the need. Mom was there.   Now my parents love to have me experiment on them. (Dinners!) I like to try new recipes on other people. Of course, I am  pretty sure of the reaction. I don’t usually serve bad food! Osmosis is a form of feeding in the plant world. Well, it worked as a learning technique for me. I am a good cook. They say the apple never falls far from the tree, I agree.


My Mother was my friend and my anchor. I miss her everyday. She lived a full and valuable life. She’s the reason I say please and thank you. She’s the reason I’m smiling.          I love you Mom!



8 thoughts on “My Mother’s Day

  1. Jill V. Dunbar

    Your Mum had to be a beautiful lady to have you for a daughter and I am so grateful for your friendship, Pam. Thank you…
    and as an aside 🙂 I love your writings – all of them!! XO



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