I can’t can I?


I hate the word can’t. Can’t, can’t, can’t. Recant, vacant. It is such a negative word, a harsh word. Unable or incapable or even cannot is preferable. Of course can, able, or capable are even more preferable. It is amazing how words can encourage us or even discourage us. Something as simple as a sound, vowels and consonants, has the power to move us. A rousing speech made by an honest politician, (and you thought I didn’t have a sense of humour) or music, good music. Music that we think is good. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Music, like Art, is very personal, even visceral. It is almost impossible to explain to another why a particular piece of music, or art, moves us. It doesn’t matter, if it touches you it can be used to benefit your situation. Anything, almost anything, that makes you feel good about who you are is something you need in your life. As long as it doesn’t harm another and it is legal. I will not condone something that is illegal. At least not openly. Shhhhhh.

On the other hand . . .Wallowing, to wallow, to devote oneself entirely to unrestrained pleasure. Wallowing is a word I like the sound of. More importantly I like what it stands for. We spend each day doing things that are important to other people. We spend time eating the foods we must and doing the exercises and activities that are required for our physical well-being. Well what about our psychological well-being? What about indulging in something that is, well, indulgent? Every now and then it is important, no it is vital, that we do a little something extra just for ourselves. Some days it’s all right to have that chocolate bar or iced cream. Some days we need to put our feet up and read that trashy novel or watch a completely inappropriate movie. Why? Because we spend so much of our lives doing the right things. There is nothing wrong with doing what is right. We need to take care of ourselves and others. We live in a global village where our actions affect others. But sometimes we need to do something just for ourselves. Think of it as your gold star or a special treat for being the person we all should be. To wallow or to luxuriate in a decadent pleasure is only special when it is done infrequently. If we wallow constantly then that becomes a way of life. To take unrestrained pleasure continually is usually at the expense of another or at the least of good behaviour. So keep your wallowing to your self and keep it special. But most importantly: keep doing it.


11 thoughts on “I can’t can I?

  1. Jill Dunbar

    CAN’T read this right now – have to get showered and ready for church….have a great day! XO


  2. Shards Of DuBois

    I can’t wallow, for I have nothing to wallow in…. lol and I love that you actually think a politician might say something honest.. cracked me up too. But you are right about words… take the word “hope” for instance, as you say it out loud… your voice actually rises as you say it. Or “peace”, is actually pronounced evenly, like peace is at an even level of attitude, at peace. My favorite tho, of course, is YHVH. There are no vowels, and each H is like a soft breath. In scripture it says it is pronounced with the Y and V as deep from your throat. Both letters Y and V are deep sounds, much like a hum, and is where the original “Ohmm” comes from in modern meditation. Even though yoga was originally a form of worship to the Hindu god, if you know anything about our enormous universe, we are all vibrational beings. We are filled with electronic vibrations that resonate through us, created by our own hearts and nervous system, and these travel through the planet, time, through us and every living thing, and all through space. What better way to speak to YHVH than with a vibrational hum that would actually reach Him! Thus, even though the Jewish prefer to never say His name, it is Sacred, I often meditate to Him, by changing the Ohmm to a pure YHVH. I may get in some trouble for that… lol… what would be knew… but when I meditate, and say His name over and over again… peace flows through me. and… that is enough proof for me!! 🙂



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