Stories as a Child


August 2013 025


Didn’t you love to hear

Those stories as a child

With dragons, witches,

And hero’s from an age gone by?

The lovely princess

And brave young knight

Who saved her whole from evil

And nearly lost his life.

Ah, yes those stories as a child

That thrilled and chilled

And filled your sleep with dreams

To be just like that knight or lady.

How the times have changed

Since the days of innocence

You are nothing like that knight

And I am not that lady.

Heave a sigh and see

We have lost our innocence

Now we live and love and be

But we have lost our dreams.


8 thoughts on “Stories as a Child

  1. assortmentbox

    Ooh I still dream of my Charming prince sweeping me off my feet . I am still waiting but I still long for that innocent and care free days where we wore our hearts on our sleeves and loved everyone blindly.:-)



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