28 seconds



It sounds like such a small amount of time but it could be an eternity. I held the hand of my mother as she died and time ceased to exist. I remember kissing the lips of a man that I was in love with and the entire world stopped as we touched. Watching the face of a small child as they sleep has no meaning outside that moment.

Take a minute and sit in a chair comfortably. Breathing deeply, in and out, in and out. Count the seconds in your mind. 28 seconds. One second, two seconds, three seconds…..   Feel your heart relax, your hands unclench. Allow your shoulders release from the weight of the world. It’s only 28 seconds but it can be the difference between living and dying, between then and now. It can be the fulcrum for the rest of your life.

Some creatures live their lives in very short bursts. They are born, they mate and they die. Some children breathe the air of this world for such short time and yet they touch so deeply all of those who knew them. 28 seconds.

A talented actor can make us laugh, cry, rail against injustice or fall in love in 28 seconds. Time is a concept that didn’t exist until we named it. We like to do that. We like to think we control things by naming them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Is time linear, circular or abstract?

Yes, we have devices that chart our lives by the second, the minute, the day, the millennium. There are people who spend their whole lives keeping us on track by the minute. Isn’t it nice every now and then to just let it go, even if it’s only for 28 seconds.


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