Stories To Tell . . .



         Who was the first person to tell the first story? When people learned to communicate they learned to tell others what was happening around them. Eventually they learned to tell others what wasn’t there. People learned to lie.

Over the years individuals have excelled at telling stories. Some are sad, some poignant and some funny. The really good ones have aspects of all three. Of course this is my opinion. That is after all the one thing I personally excel at: voicing my opinion. In our lives we need, occasionally, to be uplifted, to be inspired. Stories can do this. We all have stories to tell, personal ones or fictional ones, it doesn’t matter. What is important is that the telling of our stories allows us to interact with each other.

Stories allow us to indulge in fantasies, experience places, people or things that we would not otherwise have a chance to. In a story I can be young and beautiful, walk through waves on the beach or even hike in the Himalayas. The only limits are those imposed by my own mind. There are those who would shake their heads and mutter that this is pure escapism and we should not condone it. People must learn to live in the real world with it’s real problems. To a certain extent that is correct. We do need to accept the real world with it’s and our problems. But that does not mean we can’t have a little escapism in our lives. Why do you think authors and filmmakers do what they do? People want a little escapism, they need a little escapism.

In the same way that sleep allows us to recharge our biological engines, stories allow us to recharge our psychological engines. Stories can inspire us, relax us, or even make us mad as hell. As our bodies require exercise, so too do our minds.

People will always have a need to tell others . . . something. Most of us do not do well in isolation. We are a pack animal. To that end we tell stories to teach, to entertain and to communicate.  


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