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Filling in the Spaces


Living lives of substance

Between a thought and word

Distractions all around us

Fighting to be heard


Filling in the spaces

That run throughout our lives

Finding ways to give us hope

A goal for which one strives


Between our words are meanings

That change the way we’re heard

It changes day to day I think

And rhythms then are blurred


From here to there is timeless

And time is not a friend

But as long as there is life ahead

There’s hope until the end


Filling in the spaces

As we live between the lines

The richness we inhale each day

Is worth the daily signs


So remember as you live this day

The importance of an instant

Between each breath and space is life

It’s here and now not distant

My Life is Worthwhile!

IMG_0863Why is it that we place so much stock in what other people think we can end up sabotaging ourselves? What other people think is important only in a peripheral sense. I do not need another person to tell me that I have worth in this world or that my beliefs are important. They are important to me. Just as another person’s beliefs are important to them and should be respected by everyone. No one has the right to belittle another just because they may not understand.

Religion is a very good example. We all have different ideas, different faiths, different practices and no one belief should have any more value than another. Just because someone doesn’t believe the same dogma as I do does not make them wrong, just different. Faith is very personal and private. Religion is one thing, faith is another. Religion was created by people to make sense of the darkness, to reach out to each other for comfort and for strength.

Faith is God given. It is from within. It does not promise you the world and all its wonders. It does allow you to see those wonders if you believe in them.

Are you afraid of what the future holds? Do you fear that you will never marry because you have a disability? Or that you will be unable to work or attend school? You may never marry. You may have to quit work or school. Is that the end of your life? You decide. We are put on this earth for many, many reasons, none of which I know. What I do know is that I am the architect of my own future and I will not throw in the towel. Life is precious yes, but life is easy – inhale, exhale. What is difficult, and a lot more valuable, is living. Each and every day brings us wonders, heartache and beauty. We may have to look for it but it is there. You must try to find the good in every situation and the more you try, the easier it will become. That is the way one has a life, work at it, every day.

Witty Ditty

Q and A - babiea

This ditty writing really

Is just to pass the time

I know it is quite silly

That everything must rhyme

That’s the way I am I guess

I’ve heard it said of me

I have my quirks I must confess

But they’re what make me, me

I’ve been told that I am driven

I hope it isn’t so

I’m just a person, that’s a given

Who knows it’s time to go.