I am a Nester



What, you ask, is a Nester? Well, in the parlance of a baby boomer I like to stay put. In my 20s and 30s I enjoyed travel. I have been whale watching off the east coast of Canada and I took a cruise to Alaska from the west coast of Canada. I have flown overseas to England and Northern Ireland. I have been south of the Canadian border into the United States. I loved every minute of it. Or at least I have fond memories of it all.

I have lived at my present address for more than twenty years. I intend to live here for another twenty, give or take. I am content with my life, mostly. I still have my moments of exuberance, just not as many. I am now in my 50s and the thought of getting on a plane leaves me cold. I used to love the preparations for a trip. When I went on a week-long canoe trip into the wilds of the Canadian north I knew I would be carrying all my gear so I packed accordingly. I never for a moment skimped on my comfort but I was judicial with my choices. It was the same when I flew overseas. Hours on a plane do not have to be horrid even in coach! Of course my flying was all pre-911. I am pretty sure the spritz bottle of water I used to hydrate on a long flight is no longer allowed. To bad, it was really refreshing.

I still fantasize about a trip to New Zealand or some unexplored island in the middle of the ocean. But the reality is that I would rather do it vicariously. I like my home. I like staying put. I am lazy. Yes I am putting that in print, I am lazy and I like my creature comforts. I like my tea. I like my pillow. I like my bathroom.

I love travel shows on TV. I love reading about other people’s experiences. I once went to New Zealand via the Internet. I planned it all right down to the correct flight numbers and hotel rooms. I even got pictures through Google Earth of the different activities I “experienced”. I wrote it as a diary in real time. It was a blast. An armchair vacation.

Actual travelling now would require a whole new set of variables. There is the wheelchair, an attendant and lots of other non-comfortable items that go with my disease. Yech! But in my mind I am young, able bodied and eager for adventure. Now that is the way to travel! I should be planning my next armchair vacation . . .


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13 thoughts on “I am a Nester

  1. Sunshine Jansen

    I have to admit, I feel very lucky that I got to travel so much before MS entered the mix, and that it was all in those glory days of jet setting (well, I was flying stand-by all the time and sleeping in a lot of airports, but I still felt free…) I only take the train these days, and only once a year, but even that amps my stress levels up; meeting other people’s schedules is just not something that I do well!


  2. scifihammy

    Having just done an overseas trip involving two 12 hour flights, I have to say I like your virtual trip to NZ very much!
    And surely people can come to visit you?
    Here’s to Nesting 🙂


  3. Melissa Shaw-Smith

    Virtual travel–the Victorians really understood that, and the travel writers that followed in their footsteps. Travel literature fulfills some of my wonderlust.



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