Victims of Time





Time is heavy on my hands

I’ve heard that said before

It never seems to make demands

While slowly creeping by.

What does one do while waiting

For the future to arrive

You start to think and hating

That time is wasted so.

Perhaps there is a way

To use the time we have

When all the world’s at bay

And we are captive here.

So put your mind to work

And let us roam the world

For everywhere behind us lurk

The keys to future ages.

And now perhaps my time is done

I’ve used it so to pen

Yes, I think, it has been fun

But time is passing on.


2 thoughts on “            Victims of Time

  1. scifihammy

    Lovely to time travel imaginatively when you can’t physically. So many exciting places to go!
    Love your painting, and the effect of the paler green leaves in the darker background 🙂



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