A Different Brush




The tip of a pen

Can paint a picture

Of words

To rival a master’s.

The strokes are subtle

Perhaps sparse.

The blending of colour

And phrase,

Meanings unclear,

Shaded in pigment.

The result is personal,

An expression

Of one’s self,

One’s ego.

Such is the painting

From a different brush.


10 thoughts on “  A Different Brush

  1. Oliana

    What beautiful poem!! it’s like reading the mind of a creative soul – the artist using a brush to paint a subtle image, clear to the artist and the poet with sublte messages in the verses. We Could discuss this for a long time it is quite powerful, Pam!!


      1. Oliana

        I wish I had started writing poetry when I lived in Toronto. My aunt used to join a group at a coffee shop in Oakville and listen to the poet of that day and the artists had to interpret the poem in a painting.


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