The Game of Evolution

Sept 2012 007

How are you today? Really. How we feel each day is depended on so many factors. We usually feel better in good weather. Looking in the mirror with a positive result usually means you are going to have a pretty great day. It also helps to be in the know. Who is it that says information is power? Well I’m going to pass on some interesting factoids. So please make yourself comfortable and listen up.

Here are some percentages of genetic similarity between humans and animals.

(This information was gleaned from the Internet)

Chimpanzees are 96% to 98% similar to humans.

Cats are 90% similar to humans

Cows are 80% genetically similar to human beings

The timid mouse shares 75% of its genes with humans

The humble chicken on your dinner plate shares 60%

The ubiquitous fruit fly also shares 60% of its DNA with humans


Now that you are thoroughly confused and or insulted, remember that we human beings are the dominant species. We are not the fastest or the strongest, the biggest or the toughest on this planet. I would question if we are even the smartest. We are the sneakiest, the meanest and the most dishonest of all the species. Perhaps that’s why we are dominant.

If we share so much DNA with the animal world then why is it that we are doing our best to eradicate that part of the planet? In our defense, there are lots of good people fighting to ensure that we do not destroy our world and ourselves. But what other species spends so much of its time in attempts to commit slow suicide? We’re constantly fighting and killing others of our kind in an attempt to gain, what?   We fight for land, for money or for a perceived insult. We allow others like us to starve to death because of greed or complacency. Does this sound like dominance is working for us? It is, but only for small portion of the world.

We have created such incredible wonders. We have created masterpieces of art and architecture, literature and legacy. But still, does any of that matter?

We live longer in the first world countries and with more comforts. What of the second and third world countries? They do not have the excesses that we do.

No one, no child in this world should ever go hungry and yet millions do. No one should ever die of a curable disease and yet millions do.

Some days I am very sad that I have so much and there are others out there who by virtue of where they are born have so much less than I do. I am grateful for what I have and I do not loose sight of the fact that there are those who do not. If we are the dominant species then we have a responsibility to the others who share this planet with us.

I hope that one day we will all recognize that we are not alone, that we need each other.   So the next time you crush a fruit fly beneath your Sunday newspaper remember, you are related!

8 thoughts on “The Game of Evolution

  1. Jack Flacco

    Insightful. Now I know why fruit flies love to hover around me. I always thought they liked the stuff I ate, but instead they recognize something in me that reminds them of them!



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