Whispers in the Mist

Jan 30 2014 005

A cold dreary mist

enveloping all

The day becomes night

With a soft ghostly call.


Sound becomes muted

A whisper seems loud

Nefarious dealings

In a gossamer shroud.


Walk softly, walk light

You’re way is not clear

Keep close to your breast

All those you hold dear.


The fog holds a secret

A truth yet unknown

To hear it takes courage

The strength to be shown.


A soft gentle mist

soon tickles the air

It’s a warm friendly touch

No need to beware.


Which one will it be

To fear or embrace

The fog makes a choice

To touch with its grace.

10 thoughts on “Whispers in the Mist

  1. scottishmomus

    Perfect picture with the words, Pam. We’ve had fog the last two mornings that emit that eerie sense both your poem and painting convey. (Then the days have cleared up to be gorgeous!)



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