Do you have it in you to kill?

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Actually that is a legitimate question. Are you someone who could willingly cause another to die? There would be no rescue, no miracles. You would be responsible for someone ceasing to exist on this planet. Death. Dying. The end.

I don’t know if I am. I hope that if the circumstances warranted I would have the strength to protect those I love by killing. Sobering thought don’t you think? There is too much death in the world caused by other human beings. It sometimes seems as if the value of an individual is trifling. It is not! Everyone has a value and with that value comes responsibility. Unfortunately there are those who are unable to see value in another. There are those who seem to kill indiscriminately. I do not understand.

I could understand if someone killed to protect loved ones. I could understand if someone were to kill to protect themselves. But could you? I don’t know if I have the strength in me to cause another one to cease to exist. I pray that I am that strong. But I don’t know. Not for sure.

With the appropriate training someone will react according to their training. Look at police officers and soldiers. They are (hopefully) well trained and sometimes they are forced to kill. And they have to live with that. I do not envy them. But they would willingly die to protect another. Perhaps even more telling is that they are willing to kill to protect.

I pray that I am never in circumstances that would warrant that kind of reaction. I don’t know if I’m strong enough. Quite honestly I hope that I am. But until you were faced with those kind of circumstances you will never truly know. I hope you never need to find out.


7 thoughts on “Do you have it in you to kill?

  1. scifihammy

    It’s true – you never really know how you will act in any given situation until you are in it. As you say, death is so final. Not easy to take a life, even to protect someone.


  2. emilievardaman

    Many years ago I was very badly assaulted and was left with several permanent disabilities. Unfortunately, the first blow left me unable to defend myself. That will never happen again. Never. I would take another life to protect my own or someone else’s.
    Before that incident, I was not sure I could. Now I am certain that I can.



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