All Hallows Eve


It’s a dark quiet night

The mist seems so slow

The sounds that you hear

They are deep and they’re low


Something’s alive

Like the hairs on your neck

So very determined

They creep slowly erect


A touch on your shoulder

A hand out of sight

You skin starts to quiver

You’ve taken a fright


Look not behind you

Breathe deeply and pray

They’re moving so closely

You hope they don’t stay


There are goblins and witches

A vampire or three

They’re starting their haunt night

So dangerously free


Evil surrounds you

It must be remembered

Nothing is sacred

You could be dismembered


Of spectres and ghouls

It’s one day a year

Zombies and trolls

There is so much to fear


Take care you don’t anger

Those near in your sight

Membership is optional

Except for tonight

Ghost b

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