Having heard about the horrors of the recent attacks in France and I feel only anger. I cannot comprehend the depravity of some people. We are all supposed to be sentient. And yet there are those among us who prove that we can still be unthinking beasts. My heart broke. So I did the only thing I could do, I went looking for inspiration.

And I found it. The Parisians have been at war before and they survived it. As horrific a time that it was some of the most beautiful music of World War II came from those with the least. The French process the most uplifting joie de vivre. We need to celebrate that! And we need to stand beside those who fight the injustices that abound in the world. I do not like war but I will not shy away from it. None of us should.

Nous sommes tous avec a Paris. We all stand with you Paris. Ensemble, nous somme un! Together we are one!

9 thoughts on “Paris

  1. emilievardaman

    I agree so very much. I have been quite saddened by the horrific attacks.
    But then I thought about Syria. This kind of thing happens there daily. Daily! Does the world mourn? Or do we turn our heads?



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