There once was a girl named Amiss

I know I don’t usually post more than one post a day but I just couldn’t resist.  Linda Hill runs a a weekly prompt that is loads of fun.  I read the entries all the time but this week I am joining in.  I used this poem a few months ago but I think it fits this challenge.  I hope you agree.  You can find Linda at:



There once was a girl named Amiss

Who’s goal in her life was to kiss

With men she would meet

Their faces she’d greet

And nary a one did dismiss


The boys from around got to know

From Amiss they’d get quite a show

They’d come from afar

To see the new star

Only to find she’s a miss


Now time as you know won’t be harried

But the message of course will be carried

From the men she did meet

There was one she did keep

And now the miss is a married



17 thoughts on “There once was a girl named Amiss

  1. dalecooper57

    My favourite limerick.

    There was a young man from Dundee,
    Who was stung on the leg by a wasp.
    When asked, “Did it hurt?”
    He said, “No, not a bit,
    It can do it again if it likes.”



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