Little Red Wagon



There’s a little red wagon

Wandering through my dream

The handle gives me splinters

But the wheels all brightly gleam


The shinning wheels are turning

As we saunter down the street

Going to the future

And some yet distant treat


The simple life I led

When I was but a child

Still lets me wander there

And lets me still run wild


The morning’s now reality

The mists once more depart

Perhaps tonight I’ll visit there

I know the place by heart


6 thoughts on “Little Red Wagon

  1. scottishmomus

    This feels, at once, happy and sad, Pam. Maybe I’m projecting my own tendency to brood at New Year’s. Past, present and future all intertwine. This makes me think of all the innocence of childhood and how our lives unfold. It’s poignant and lovely.


    1. quiall Post author

      My friend you got it exactly! I still yearn for the simplicity of my youth especially at this time of year. Happy memories and sad for the loss of my innocence. Thanks for commenting. May we live, love and laugh more in 2016.

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