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Marvin: The Forgotten Elf

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“Now you take care of your little brother and I’ll be right over there.”

Odelia was used to taking care of her brother for short periods. After all she was nine years old and quite mature for her age. Billy was only three and he needed a lot of taking care of. They were standing in line waiting for their turn. Actually Billy was strapped into a stroller and for the moment he was quite serene. However, Odelia knew it would probably be 15 or 20 minutes before it was their turn. A few moments later it began. Like most boys his age Billy didn’t like to wait so he started to squirm and then to whine.

“I don’t wanna wait!”

Odelia had been waiting for this moment and hoping it would take a little longer. She looked over at her mother but she was still deep in conversation with a sales clerk.

“Okay Billy, I’m going to tell you a secret.” That always got a child’s attention. “But you can’t tell anyone else, ever!”

As expected the young boy stopped squirming and looked at his sister with rapt anticipation.

“Okay.” He said quietly.

“This happened a very long time ago and nobody knows all the details but this much we know for sure.”

Odelia was a gifted storyteller and she knew her brother very well. His eyes were glued to her face and he hadn’t moved an inch. So she continued with her story. The tale she told was about an elf.

One of Santa’s elves was called Marvin. He was young and as it so often is with the young, he seemed forgetful. The other elves tried to instil in him the importance of what they were doing in Santa’s workshop but Marvin was too interested in playing with the reindeer and investigating how some of the toys worked. Unfortunately he also had a knack for breaking things. Soon the other elves pushed Marvin aside and tried to forget about him. When Santa heard about the troubles he spoke to Marvin but it didn’t seem to make any difference to the young elf. But what we think isn’t always what is.

It seems that Marvin wasn’t trying to break things he was just trying to understand how they worked. He was only trying to help. When Santa heard this he decided to give Marvin another chance. But he was told that if he broke one more toy he would be banned from the workshop.

Over the next few weeks everything went smoothly. The toys were being assembled and made ready to be shipped. Marvin did everything he was asked and nothing that he was not. Eventually everyone forgot about him. But as often happens, when you’re not watching, trouble will find you.

There was one particular toy that was new to the workshop. It had bells, and whistles and it had an engine. Usually that pretty much guaranteed that the children would fall in love with it. Unfortunately this toy kept breaking down. First the wheels were falling off when the Packers tried to wrap it up. Then the steering wheel wouldn’t work when it was tested prior to packaging. It even started falling apart on the line when nobody was looking. People started wondering if Marvin was the culprit but nobody could find him.

After a few days it was decided that the toy would be put aside until further investigation could be done. Obviously there was something wrong and there was no time to correct it. Everyone was working to a deadline that could not be shifted. And still no one could find Marvin.

The night before the deadline the last package was wrapped and put in place for shipment. Everyone congratulated themselves on the fine work they had done this year. There had only been one glitch and he seemed to have taken himself off the line. No one thought about him, no one worried about where he was or what he was doing. That was their mistake.

What the others did not understand was that Marvin was different. He wasn’t one to blindly follow the rules. He wanted to understand why the rules were in place. The only way something could be improved upon was to first know its nature. Marvin wasn’t trying to break things he was trying to understand how they worked. If you know how something works you can make sure it doesn’t break down.

When the others had taken the cars that kept breaking down and put them in another room Marvin had gone to see if he could fix them. In the days and weeks that no one missed him, Marvin had corrected every single issue in every single car. He had also wrapped them and prepared them for shipment. The others were very surprised when he presented them with what they thought were broken vehicles.

When Santa heard what Marvin had done he called him into his office and sat him down. What happened next is not known. But after a few minutes, Marvin exited with a smile on his face and a lift in his step. Obviously he had been vindicated. From that day forward Marvin had a new job. It was his responsibility to test each and every item that passed through the line to ensure that it was not easily broken. It was a task that Marvin took to easily. After all, if it could be broken he would find a way to break it.

“Are you next young fella?”

With everyone’s attention now on them Odelia quickly unstrapped her brother. An oversized man dressed as an elf lifted Billy on to the knee of Santa Claus and stepped back.

Billy looked into the face of the big fat man in the red suit and thought about what he had just learned.

“Ho ho ho! Little man what do you want for Christmas?”

Billy leaned close to Santa to whisper in his ear.

“You were naughty Santa. You should have been nicer to Marvin.”

With that Billy jumped off Santa’s knee and ran to his sister. He never looked back and he never forgot his lesson. Did you?


The End

My Christmas story for you.  May your Holiday be wonderful!


Weapons of Mass Introduction

deja_vu 2015

DL Hammons at  is hosting a  Deja Vu Blogfest where people can reblog a post from the previous year.  It is a wonderful way to share favourite posts and to meet other bloggers.  It is great fun!  This is my offering from January 2015.  I hope you enjoy it.


Weapons of Mass Introduction

Each year a great many people make New Year’s resolutions to make changes in their lives, hopefully for the better. Some resolutions are successful. Others are not and life remains the same. But this is a new year, a time of renewal, a time of beginnings. There are things in our lives that we cannot control. There are actions that will happen to us over the next 12 months that all we can do is to react to them. But how we react to what may be the inevitable will be under our control.

We can make a conscious decision to approach the world with our minds open and our hearts free of conflict. When you’re hurrying through your busy day stop and acknowledge a stranger as you pass by. Smile and say “good day”. Something miraculous may just happen. They may smile back! Your simple smile may connect with another in such a way as to lift their spirits, to make their day better. And isn’t that a wonderful power for every one of us to have.

They say that with great power comes great responsibility. And that is quite true. Each individual has the capacity for great good and great evil. That is where the choice comes in. You choose. You can choose to acknowledge a stranger and be kind. Or you can choose to ignore people who are not in your tiny circle of friends and with that you have lost a unique opportunity. When we connect with each other as strangers or as friends we grow, we evolve. We become part of the world. Our actions have the potential to lift the spirit of another or to dash them into apathy.

This new year is still young. It is young enough that we can look forward with hope and with anticipation. How this year unfolds will be in direct relationship to the wishes of the people. The problem is that not everybody is thinking positively. But you can and I can. At least that is a start. Now try to pass on that positivity to another.

Superpowers don’t just belong to the crime fighters in tights or to the politicians sitting on the bomb. You have within your grasp the power to change the life of another. Intoxicating isn’t it!


So put on your weapon of mass introduction and smile. If we would all just grin at each other we might stop shooting.


This is a new year with a new chance to make changes in the world. Go forth and make a difference!

The Still Man



She looked deep into the eyes

Of the man as he lay

His heart kept on pumping

Still beating its way


His breath was quite ragged

Still trying to hang on

As his life tried to rally

And then he was gone


Slowly she rose

The knife in her hand

She looked at the ground

It was not as was planned


He should not have laughed

He should not have lied

He should now be thankful

Only the radio died.




Someone once said that we live lives of quiet desperation. I don’t know if that is so. I am sure that we all face times of desperation in our lives. Sometimes we’re quiet about it, sometimes not so much. But what if we had an infinite amount of time? What if our lives were not finite? Immortality.

Now to my knowledge immortality is simply a tool for entertainment. There are some creatures on our planet that live lives so incredibly long they might be considered immortal. Some animals live for hundreds of years. Some trees live for thousands of years. What they must have witnessed!

I believe that knowing we are ephemeral inspires us to live more fully. It doesn’t always work. We get lazy, we put off until tomorrow what we could do today. And then we regret. Too often you hear stories of people on their deathbed regretting that they had not eaten more pistachio ice cream or not taken a trip to the South Pole. Regret is such a heartbreaking word. So someone created the idea of a bucket list. Do you have a bucket list?

There are many things I regret in my life. I think that is standard operating procedure for our species. Having said that, I don’t want to live hundreds of years unless I could make a few changes. I would want to be young (but not too young!) healthy and rich. But would I get the benefit of those extra years. I don’t know. I would like to think that I would work for the benefit of others. And then I remember the story “The Picture of Dorian Grey” by Oscar Wilde. What is that saying “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Dorian Gray was a young man who gained immortality by having all of his heinous eccentricities show up only on his painting. He was not accountable for his actions.

I think that is what would worry me about immortality. Would I like to live longer? Only if I could be a better version of myself. There is a jellyfish that is believed to be immortal. When it gets old it reverts it’s self back into a baby jellyfish state. And if I understand correctly it also seems to clone itself! Yeah, no. I like being human! And as for my bucket list? I don’t want to empty it. I’m putting all my favourite memories in my bucket so I can keep them handy!