Blogging 101

Daily Quip 2016

Today’s assignment: who I am and why I’m here

You would think having spent 56 years with someone you would know who they were. I’m not sure I know who I am! I am a woman, I am right handed, I’m a redhead turning blonde. The list could go on and on but at the heart of things I am curious.

Right now I am suffering through the cold of a Canadian winter. At least today is cold. Last time I checked it was -21c with the wind chill (-5.8F) brrrrr. I am about to retire and I’m okay with that. I’ve only been blogging for three years. It started as an outlet for my writing. And then I got hooked. I started to read what others had written and almost immediately I became enamoured of the rest of the world. There are some incredible people writing out there!

I keep forgetting to mention that I have multiple sclerosis. I view the world from the seat of a wheelchair. I think of it as an accoutrement not the essence of who I am. I may have an itty-bitty incurable disease but I also have attitude and panache! There’re a few things that do become hindrances but I usually find a way around them. Like I said I have attitude!

Almost 10 years ago I was asked if I would write a newsletter for the apartment building I live in. I did that for nine years and I loved it. When my mother moved into a retirement residence they also had a newsletter and I started writing short stories for them. That went on for about four years. I stopped writing shortly after my mother died. Several months later my brother and sister went to great pains to explain to me that I was an idiot. I should not stop writing! They told me about blogging and convinced me to give it a shot. I was hesitant at first but now I cannot imagine my life without it. It’s the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do at night.

I will always be the child who was afraid of her shadow and of the horrors that were other peoples’ opinions. That little girl may still be inside me but she grew up. I like what I do, no, I love what I do! And I hope others we’ll find some enjoyment in my words.

What do I blog about? Whatever the wind sends my way. I do not have a mandate or a manifesto I simply write whatever pops into my mind. I love the one-liners. Those few words that paint a picture or make me laugh. I started doing them several decades ago and quite frankly I can’t stop! I also write poetry and short stories. I even share some of my artwork. Every now and then I get serious and rant about something that is annoying me. I dredge up memories of my childhood and share them. I’m one of those annoying people that had a wondrous childhood. I guess I am an anomaly. At the moment I’m about to publish my first book. I’m scared and proud in equal measures. But one thing is for sure: I’m having fun!


19 thoughts on “Blogging 101

  1. barbtaub

    I love this. My favorite line? “I keep forgetting to mention that I have multiple sclerosis.” When I laugh at your quips or admire your stories or see your beautiful paintings, I forget about that too. Because while it might be something about you, MS is certainly not WHO you are. (Although, I’ll certainly agree that “cold” is probably something you are at the moment!) -21c? I weep.


  2. scottishmomus

    How great, Pam, that your brother and sister encouraged you to keep on with writing and pointed you to blogland. It was my brother who did that for me. I didn’t even know what blogging was.
    And now you have a book to be published! Scared and proud must be the half of it. It’s tremendous! Let us know, yes? There is so much talent here on WP as well as so many lovely people. I count you among both and think that all you’ve said here already comes through in all your writing. Humour, grit, determination, kindness, wonder and, yes, curiosity. I feel the girl still very much in you when I read your posts – the woman, the person and the girl.
    This will be a great year for you. In fact, I have a smashing feeling about this year altogether. Bring it on, with bells. Oh, we’ve done that already. You know what I mean. 🙂


  3. Jill Dunbar

    How well you describe your feelings, Pam. You are something else and I love you for it. There is so much in this world that can make us happy or can make us sad….let’s go for the

    Former. Life is wonderful and I thank God that you are in my life daily. God Bless and protect you always, my dear friend.

    Much Peace and love, XOXO

    ~ Jill ~

    “Aspire to inspire before you expire”


  4. MStrooper08

    I love this! I’ve been seeing the other blogs in this series and had to go back to the beginning. What a well written introduction of yourself! Is this the first one? I love it!



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