Telepathy vs Telegraphing



1) a way of communicating thoughts directly from one person’s mind to another person’s mind without using words or signals


1)To make known (a feeling or an attitude, for example)

by nonverbal means:

2)To make known (an intended action, for example) in advance

or unintentionally:


Many years ago my father was in a plane crash. It’s okay, he survived. He was hospitalized of course and my mother chose to leave our home in the suburbs and live with my sister in the city to be closer to him. After several days she called me in the suburbs and requested that I bring in a change of clothes for her. She told me the specific dress to bring. As requested I went to her closet put my hand on the specified dress and changed my mind. I chose another dress and later handed it to my mother with out a thought. Her response? “Oh you heard me.”

My mother and I did this quite often. I would be at university many miles away and stop what I was doing and wait for the phone to ring. I knew my mother was about to call. Sometimes even before she said hello, she would ask what’s wrong. I could hide nothing from that woman!

I have been to self-proclaimed psychics. Amazing how accurate they are with regards to who I am now and how abysmal they are with regards to my future. I believe that there are people out there who have skills we do not understand. I may have met one. A friend at work went to see a psychic and before she sat down this person told her that her mother had a lump under her left arm and that it was malignant. Later that night my friend told her mother who was shocked. She had just noticed a lump and wasn’t going to see the doctor. Fortunately it was a happy ending. The lump was removed, it had not spread. It was malignant. That gave me goosebumps!

Working for the police I know just how good some people can be at reading others. The cops I knew were particularly good at it. I never got away with anything! No matter how much I would protest they always knew when I wasn’t feeling well. I guess I’d make lousy a criminal.

Sometimes things happen for reasons we do not understand. My friend picked up a one shot fire extinguisher for her car for no reason. 20 minutes later she’s driving down the road and sees a Mercedes with a small engine fire. Her extinguisher was all they needed. Why did she pick up the extinguisher? She didn’t want one, but she bought it anyway.

These coincidences happened all the time to all of us. It makes you wonder if the fickle finger of fate is guiding us. I have no answers, only questions. The one thing I do know for sure: I will always trust my gut. It has been right more times than it has been wrong. I could easily list a a dozen experiences where things happened not the way I would have expected. Each time the result was beneficial.

I once took a right turn when I had planned on going left and was able to keep a woman from walking into traffic and getting killed. I once cut a conversation short and returned to my office only to just miss getting a concrete block on my head. I’ve always considered myself lucky. It’s an abstract thought at best but I’m hoping the luck holds for another 40 years!

I never said my life was dull!



12 thoughts on “Telepathy vs Telegraphing

  1. MicheleMariePoetry

    There is a difference between being somewhat psychic, and going to see a Psychic. I think God and His Angels guard over us, (Angels are often mentioned in both the Old and New Testaments in the bible). The random last minute decision that makes you take a different turn that saves a life, or protects your own, are assistance from forces above- and we shouldn’t forget to thank God and his angels for our safety, etc.
    However, often Psychics practice the dark arts, and leave the customer in a much darker realm than they were before. One person I knew got a recording from a psychic of their future—suffice it to say they had to throw out the tapes as their home became inhabited by frightening spirits- once the tapes were gone, the events stopped. I’ve heard of many similar happenings– I would beware of comparing somewhat psychic abilities to seeing a psychic, who is often involved in the occult.


    1. quiall Post author

      The problem with the word psychic is that it covers all sorts of unknowns. I agree evil is all around us and sometimes hard to see. Goodness is also all around us. That psychic saved a life that day. Was it the hand of God? Perhaps. I believe.


  2. Jack Flacco

    Life is never dull! I once should have died under a print press, but was suddenly pulled from its clutches from an angel (it’s the only way I could describe it). No one said life wasn’t filled with surprises.


  3. scifihammy

    Very interesting. There are so many things that happen, that we just cannot explain. It does seem that you have some insight, which has served you well.
    And if you’ll stick around another 40 years, then so will I! 🙂



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