I forget

What I forgot

I’m sadden

To say,


I’ll remember

things later

this day.


The forgotten

Is hard

So to do,


I forget

What I was saying

If only

I knew.

Now here

Is a chance

To start

Once again.


A new day

Each dawning

Is a way

To be sane.

So forget

The forgotten

And remember

To smile


It’s always

The best

to stay

For awhile

6 thoughts on “Forgetting

  1. maryruth16

    I guess I’m a newbie in the blogosphere but I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your poems – very moving. I don’t write poetry myself, only short stories but I love your succinctness, it’s inspiring.


    1. quiall Post author

      What a wonderful comment to read first thing in the morning! Thank you. If you are new to this cyber world . . . welcome! For the most part the people here are wonderful. I hope your travels through the ether are wonderful.


      1. maryruth16

        Thanks, quiall! It’s not the cyber world but definitely the blogging community. Really loving becoming a part of it though & ‘meeting’ likeminded people like yourself.


  2. scifihammy

    haha Well said 🙂
    And that’s what I like about getting a tad older – forgetting the unimportant stuff, but always remembering to smile 🙂
    And I really like your painting 🙂



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