Blog 101 Day 11


grad cap 1

Today’s assignment: publish a post based on your own, personalized take on a blogging prompt.


I must say I really enjoy reading the prompts that abound in the blogging world. I rarely do them but I love to read them. And I enjoy the many different interpretations. I have always thought of a prompt as a gentle forceful application of a lower appendage to a rear mid-level protuberance. K now say that four times quickly! It’s a kick up the backside!

Seriously! It’s somebody thinking about how to get you to write something. And that’s a good thing! The reason I rarely do prompts is that I have way too many ideas and I am woefully adequate when it comes to focusing. By the time I have organized my thoughts and sat down to write this magnificent opus, it’s three days later and I’m four prompts behind.

I am not an organized person nor am I a disciplined writer. I’ve always thought of myself as a guerrilla writer. I have flashes of ideas, write for a few hours and then walk away until the next time I get a flash. I do write snippets every day. That I can’t stop. I do love the one-liner! One of my favourite things to do is to read other peoples interpretation of the prompt.

Maybe one day I would appreciate that forceful application of a lower appendage and do a proper prompt. Don’t hold your breath, but maybe.

7 thoughts on “Blog 101 Day 11

  1. scottishmomus

    Sometimes I can’t resist a prompt because of some idea it creates but, like yourself, Pam, I usually have too many bits going through my mind to actually need them.
    I could do with that lower appendage for other areas of my life. 😉



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