A Table of Elements



A man of the sciences

Has friends at the table

Some have alliances

Some are not stable


Argon’s a gas

and Helium too

a funny ole lass

the people she knew


Dinner is served

From the left and the right

Though Neon’s reserved

Her charms are all bright


Sodium can’t eat

And Lead feels quite thick

Barium’s sweet

Really a good trick


Plutonium called

He couldn’t quite stay

Zinc had turned bald

And possibly gay


Magnesium’s fat

And Uranium smells

I swear it’s not that

Radon has spells


The night was a bust

The dinner grew cold

A few did combust

And others grew mold


It seems at the table

The elements don’t care

But this silly ole fable

I just had to share

11 thoughts on “A Table of Elements

  1. scifihammy

    I really love this! Well done 🙂
    I had to learn the WHOLE periodic table for one exam at university – can you believe it? When you add in the transition elements, actinides and lanthanides – that’s a heck of a lot!


      1. scottishmomus

        I was pretty useless myself with chemistry once I got to the really difficult bits. Biology was a doddle by comparison. Come to think of it, I was rubbish at geography too!


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