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They are words that are bigger than their meaning. Some words can be harsh and frightening as well as soothing even loving. It all depends on how it is said. By virtue of the inflection or the volume, even the speaker can give the meaning of the word an entirely different connotation.

Let me set up a scenario. A young child is walking through a dark and foreboding forest. She can see a light ahead and knows that she’ll be safe momentarily. And then she hears a voice and one single word. It stops her in her tracts. The word is spoken loudly by a deep guttural voice. All sound is cut off sharply the moment the word is spoken and it fills her with terror. The word? Silence!

Different scenario. Two boys are in a library and they are misbehaving. A whispered, even hissed, single word stops them in their tracks. It is spoken by a frustrated, perhaps harried retiree. The word? Silence.

And just for fun, one more scenario. A young man and his beautiful bride have just left their raucous wedding guests. They’re looking forward to their first night as husband and wife. They race for the door to their suite. They burst into their room and she falls across the bed laughing. He leans against the door panting. He looks at the beautiful woman across from him and utters one word, grinning like a Cheshire cat. That word? Silence . . .

Same word, same meaning, different implication. Don’t you just love the English language? Precise it ain’t!


This little foray into the wonderful world of words was inspired by Linda G Hill. And doesn’t she just inspire a lot of us. This one’s for you Linda!


A Table of Elements



A man of the sciences

Has friends at the table

Some have alliances

Some are not stable


Argon’s a gas

and Helium too

a funny ole lass

the people she knew


Dinner is served

From the left and the right

Though Neon’s reserved

Her charms are all bright


Sodium can’t eat

And Lead feels quite thick

Barium’s sweet

Really a good trick


Plutonium called

He couldn’t quite stay

Zinc had turned bald

And possibly gay


Magnesium’s fat

And Uranium smells

I swear it’s not that

Radon has spells


The night was a bust

The dinner grew cold

A few did combust

And others grew mold


It seems at the table

The elements don’t care

But this silly ole fable

I just had to share

Blog 101 Day 11


grad cap 1

Today’s assignment: publish a post based on your own, personalized take on a blogging prompt.


I must say I really enjoy reading the prompts that abound in the blogging world. I rarely do them but I love to read them. And I enjoy the many different interpretations. I have always thought of a prompt as a gentle forceful application of a lower appendage to a rear mid-level protuberance. K now say that four times quickly! It’s a kick up the backside!

Seriously! It’s somebody thinking about how to get you to write something. And that’s a good thing! The reason I rarely do prompts is that I have way too many ideas and I am woefully adequate when it comes to focusing. By the time I have organized my thoughts and sat down to write this magnificent opus, it’s three days later and I’m four prompts behind.

I am not an organized person nor am I a disciplined writer. I’ve always thought of myself as a guerrilla writer. I have flashes of ideas, write for a few hours and then walk away until the next time I get a flash. I do write snippets every day. That I can’t stop. I do love the one-liner! One of my favourite things to do is to read other peoples interpretation of the prompt.

Maybe one day I would appreciate that forceful application of a lower appendage and do a proper prompt. Don’t hold your breath, but maybe.

Failure is an Option



I was told recently that I needed to give myself permission to fail. Failure. It took me a few minutes to get my head around the concept. It was a physiotherapist who gave me these words of wisdom. I must admit I did not at first see them as wise words. My first thought was that here was another one in authority who wanted me to give up. I was wrong, she was right. I do need to give myself permission to fail and so do you. Failure is not giving up. There are things that I am unable to do at this time. Perhaps in the future I will be able to but not right now. I get frustrated because I have so much difficulty. I want to do it right, right now. That frustration is actually working against me. What I need to do is to acknowledge that it is difficult right now but that must not stop me from working at it continually. Eventually it should get easier. I will only completely fail when I stop trying.

 Once that goal is met I will make another one, and another one. I must always look forward but I have to admit that it is not going to be easy or quick. It is the journey that I am taking that is important not the destination. And yes, there will be failures on the way. I will learn from them and I will be stronger and wiser for it.