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Time is Control?


They say ‘time heals all wounds’. Well I’m here to tell you it ain’t so! Time gives you a different perspective on events, a means to distance you from the pain. Is it a cure for the pain? No. Time is a concept that was created by individuals to label and control the changes that happen throughout the course of their lives. So, time is a means of control. Curious. Does that mean that giving yourself ‘time’ to get used to an idea is actually giving you control over that idea? Well, yes.

One of the most difficult issues people with disabilities have to contend with is the loss of control. We cannot control our bladder, our legs, perhaps our lives. For anyone that is used to working and living independently that is a horrific situation. But if ‘time’ is really ‘control’ then we can take back what we lost: control. It just takes time. Let me explain. I can no longer walk. My legs do not work. Over time I have come to accept that. This, however, does not mean that I can no longer do what I once accomplished by walking. Getting from one place to another does not have to be done on the soles of your feet. It can be accomplished on the tires of a wheelchair. Because I can no longer stand I cannot reach an item on my kitchen shelves. I employ the use of a ‘reacher’ which increases my reach my several feet. I once again have control back.

What we have to accept is that things have changed. Now, we can give up any control we have, go into an institution and let someone else decide the course of our lives or take back control. Yes it will take time. But nothing of any real importance was ever easy. Take the time, take control.

I Do Not Want



I do not want to remember

Being bullied as a kid

I do not want to remember

The angry words I’ve hid


I do not want to forget

The kindness I’ve been shown

I do not want to forget

The friendships I have known


I do not want to fear

What’s coming next for me

I do not want to fear

What terror next to be


I do not want to stop

Believing in this world

I do not want to stop

And watch it all unfurled

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I have finally done it!

I have self published a book. I am in equal parts excited and terrified. I guess every first-time author goes through the same thing. Will people like my stories! Will people think I’m arrogant? I like my stories, my poetry, my pictures. I think many others will as well.

Book Cover Back Book Cover Front

The road to publishing is often a winding one and it was so in my case. I’ve been writing for most of my adult life. I wrote for me. I had a lively imagination and I felt it was better than becoming a serial killer. Okay I’m not quite that creepy! But some of my stories are . . . . hahaha! I was convinced first to write a blog and when I discovered that people actually like my writing, I was emboldened. Maybe I could write a book.

So to get my toes in the water, so to speak, I started publishing by short stories on my blog. When they were well received I went to the next step. It took me several months but I published! Almost everything in this book can be found on my blog over the last three years. But it is nice to have everything in one place.

If you wish to purchase a physical copy of the book it is available at as well as Unfortunately the E version it’s only available at

Whether you purchase copies of my book or not I will still continue to write on the blog and you are always welcome to follow me. Be well, be safe, be happy!